Dick (or was it Dave ?) noted I’ve taken the reference to walking 10 miles a day off the blog.  I wish all Americans were as observant.

I’m still walking decent distances most days, but it gets tough slogging it out round the flatlands of Cambridgeshire when I’m not out travelling to proper places.

Mrs RM is off to the Kerry Mountains at the end of the month for a mammoth drinking walking session, so to help her training, eldest son and I took her on a walk east from Cambridge station.


Travelling east takes you via “Mill Road Over The Bridge” and the Royal Standard to Cherry Hinton Chalk Pits, stopping to admire Antwerp Dentist on the way (not marked on the OS map).

My guided tour takes in some of The Hinton’s cutting edge street art.


To my knowledge, no-one has ever followed their dreams to Cherry Hinton through the pits, leading as it does to a Holiday Inn Express, David Lloyd gym, and a Cash & Carry.

This bucolic sounding village is Cambridge’s own Reddish, which isn’t that bad. Better keg pubs in Reddish though.

An hour in, we reached our destination (marked by the duck on the map).



I may have implied to James that one of the Star Wars films was made here. I may have suggested to Mrs RM there’d be a micropub. Neither’s true, but they did enjoy a walk around Cambridge’s most other-worldly spot. Until the dogs turned up and chased them.

The pub stop came back at the station, at the appropriately named Station Tavern.


Mrs RM had wangled her way in for a pre-opening look a while ago, one of her most endearing qualities.

As I mentioned before, it’s a King’s Cross Parcel Yard clone rather than a Euston Tap, which says all you need to know about Cambridge.  For a restaurant (I was asked if I wanted a menu as I walked in), it’s well done, though there was still a fair amount of detritus on the tables.

They seem to have replaced the Doom Bar with a Moonshine beer, a brave move given the iconic status of Cornwall’s finest.

It was 23 degrees outside though;unless you were from Preston, would you have gone for the cask ?


My day off the beer, so tap water for me #KillingPubs

Mrs RM, however, laughed off the £5.30 price tag for an admittedly rather impressive Camden Helles served at just the right coolness.  A lukewarm Young’s Ordinary would no doubt have cost only a quid less.

Sometimes I think I spoil that girl.


  1. I believe it was Dave who commented on the absence of reference to walking. He has the eyes of an eagle (bald eagle?).

    What are the scales on each of the maps you use?

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  2. I’m heading up your way, the weekend after next, Martin. I’ll be staying at Stretham, just south of Ely on the Friday night, before continuing my journey to Norfolk the following morning.

    Any good pubs you can suggest; either in Ely or the surrounding villages? Anything to look out for in Ely, apart from the obvious attraction of the cathedral?

    Thanks in advance, Paul.


  3. Would I require some form of special street art permit to write the words ‘David Lloyd is a complete and utter toss pot of the highest order’ together with an illustration of a tennis racket and a net or similar outside said arrogant buffoon’s Cherry Hinton gymnasium? I’m not much of an artist so don’t know the regulations around such acts.

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