Anglesey. And why not?

Only 3 trips in 4 years, none to LlanfairPG, but quite a mix of scenery and pubs lthough the interior does look dull, doesn’t it ?


The best bit is just over the Menai, where you can look back and see Paddy’s Bar winking back at you. Perhaps I’ll do a bangin’ Bangor post, if Duncan doesn’t nick that title first.

Ferry cross the Menai
Inaccessible micro in Beaumaris Castle

But before we get to Beaumaris, stop for a pint of Lees in the Anglesey Arms just over t’bridge.

You’re not in Oldham now, Tonto.

Telford drank Moonraker here
Opinion divided on the Lees glass

I can’t vouch for the Chinese takeaway in Beaumaris (is there one?) but I can vouch for the Bass in the Bull.

More bench seating
The changing of the Bass barrel a major event

I’d never seen folk so excited by Bass, not since the lady in the Star served me it from the jug anyway.

I can’t say I’ve really got to the heart of Anglesey yet. 300 caravan sites, 200 dining pubs, 100 letters in their most famous place names.

No GBG pubs in Amlwch, where Lemmy wore short trousers, but a collection of unimproved pubs that Alan Winfield would have loved.

All your favourites
Note horizontal Bass sign
Our Lady Star of the Sea and St Winefride, Amlwch (cropped).jpg
Astonishing church

Amlwch was where I nearly drowned in mud the day before my 55th birthday (22 December), but even caked in grime I was better dressed than the folk in traditional Welsh dress in the Panton Arms in Pentraeth.


Welsh away strip 1996/97

Ideally, I’d love an excuse to make another trip to Holyhead on that idyllic dual carriageway.

The pubs make Stranraer look upmarket, but the scenery is underrated.


When I do return, there’s only one option for breakfast.

Amlwch finest

Full Welsh, of course. What in earth is in that Megga Breakfast to justify the extra £1.50? Puffin?

17 thoughts on “AN ALE ON ANGLESEY

  1. Anglesey, even more than the Isle of Man, is somewhere you really don’t want to be when it’s pouring with rain. To be honest, away from the tourist hotspots, a lot of it is pretty bleak.

    The late Rhys Jones told us how, in the 1950s, Robinson’s bought up a number of free houses on the island which used to sell Bass, something that caused longstanding resentment.

    As well as Robinson’s and Lees, Burtonwood used to have a substantial pub estate on the island, including the Panton Arms at Pentraeth.

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    1. And Anglesey is somewhere you really didn’t want to be when it’s really hot.
      My only holiday on the island was a week during that famously hot summer of 1976 and, in the days of large casks and no cooling equipment, I suffered far more Sarsons than I might have expected in a couple of years.
      I reported it and the 1977 Good Beer Guide warned “some of the beer seems less reliable … than in other areas”. ,

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  2. It would be interesting to know which items from the Full Breakfast are omitted from the Hangover Breakfast. That reminds me that I once saw a pub menu offering a children’s portion for a Hangover Breakfast 😉

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      1. Yes, it’s curious, how the most banal and innocent of things can suddenly become subversive in some circles, isn’t it? 😉

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  3. “The changing of the Bass barrel a major event” and handpumps sited so that those seeking Autovacs can immediately go elsewhere.

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  4. Goodness me – the last time that I was in Anglesey was in about 1991, on the way to catch a ferry. But some years later, I was there mentally for a time, beholding its sunlit meadows and gentle wolds, as I clung on, with white knuckles and bulging eyes, to the knife edge of Snowdon’s Crib Goch. I found that it was better to fix my eyes on the distance, than to peer into the vertiginous abyss, mere inches either side of me.

    I now ask for a bit more detail, when someone says “do you fancy going walking in Snowdonia?” or some such.

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  5. 3 years I spent in Bangor. It rained solidly for the first fortnight I was there. The only times of levity were the walks into (onto?) Anglesey and their pubs. Though nostalgia now dictates I even look back at, at least the pubs in Bangor with some fondness.

    Including doing a “dentist chair” in the aforementioned Paddy’s Bar.

    I now visit twice a year. Somehow I aged and didn’t realise it.

    Lovely piece, adds to the nostalgia.

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    1. I love Paddy’s. Spent a night at the Uni Management Centre last year.

      Might do a Bangor post if I’ve enough material.

      NB sorry to see Boozy Procastinator blog no more.


      1. I did do a Bangor post of all the pubs there in my day.

        And don’t worry about the blog, 2 weeks in isolation highlighted there are far better things I can do with my free time than repeat myself and bore people.

        At least I can keep reading yours (and Mudgie’s).

        Stay safe.

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