I’m no fan of the grip glasses, but Lees is an underrated beer when served in decent nick.

In a prime location next to the Menai Bridge, the Anglesey Arms is a classy place in a great little town for views and pubs, unspoilt by sticky menus.

The MPA was the beer of the month so far (NBSS 4), but I wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t taken back a dull pint of my first choice.

I see a small and consistent beer range as a plus point, but felt morally obliged to try the made-for-Wales beer on the right. Clearly the Welsh feel no such compunction.

It wasn’t bad, but my comment on condition got me an immediate replacement without the group discussion I had in Wetherspoons last week.

Friendly staff, and a good show of how to sell cask.

A great place to enjoy cask too, though no match for the beer garden.

Robinsons and Bass just round the corner too.


  1. Menai Bridge/Porthaethwy is a nice little town that is often dismissed as just somewhere you pass through. The Liverpool Arms was always the regular GBG entry in the past.

    Comments working again now 🙂


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