A bit of pub-free tourism at the most northern town in Wales.  Wow.


Very Green. And wet.

I’m sure there’s been Guide pubs up along the north Anglesey coast, probably Lees or Marston, but not this year.


So Amlwch’s tourism rests on its gourmand credentials,

They like their “g”s up here

their Proper fonts,


and their upmarket shopping offer.

Always useful in pubs
All your household needs

It’s not Southwold is it ? But I think I’d prefer the pubs here.

Duncan couldn’t tell me much about Amlwch, but that’s because I called it Am-el-wutch, rather than Amlux.  Old mining town = Proper Pubs. On the last Saturday before Christmas folk were buying themselves pints of lager as a present.

Apostrophes are in short supply, so bring your own.

Kings Head
Queens Head
The Mariner
Classic picturesque Welsh sign for Market Tavern

I bought some Welsh apricot flapjack from the Spar, where a chap pushed in front of me when I opened the door for a Gentlefolk, which was nice.

Talking of Gentlefolk, I’d by now discovered that Lemmy went to school here.

Image result for lemmy as a schoolboy

So I strolled down toward Bull Bay, surely the inspiration for Overkill.


Ah, barbed wire.  I followed the path back via “Pretty Cottage”, which wasn’t.

Bull Bay

And then I hit quicksand on the route back from that cottage as the impact of the week’s deluge revealed itself.  “Pub ticker drowns in Amlwch mud” screamed the next week’s Yr Arwydd (‘The Sign’).

I was too wretched to visit the one bona fide tourist attraction, the stunning Catholic church.  Mind, two apricot flapjacks and I was right as rain.

Our Lady Star of the Sea and St Winefride, Amlwch (cropped).jpg
By TuK Bassler – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

21 thoughts on “NO SLEEP ‘TILL AMLWCH

    1. Nothing in Southwold rivals the Lord Nelson, for sure.

      Hey, you pushing for a separate Posh Pubman and Proper Pubman award? 😉

      Had some excellent beer in recent months, in and out of GBG. The “John Smith’s Smooth IS Bitter” Adnams was beer of the year, to be fair.


  1. The only one I can ever recall being in the GBG there was the Adelphi Vaults. I have also been to the football ground but not that stinking church. There are some fantastically brutalist Catholic churches around here too. Surely a subject for a future blog?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I often noticed the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Newcastle under Lyme when using the Steam Plough or Castle Mona – and more recently the Cherry Tree – and thought it quite a remarkable use of common blue bricks though not quite ‘sensational’.
        Staffordshire is blessed with some very fine churches including Pugin’s St Giles’ Church in Cheadle – and Lichfield has a very nice cathedral.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, I would agree with “Sensationally austere”, the best use of brick ( cheaper than proper stone ), best use of the quite narrow frontage and on a main road for attracting passing ‘trade’.
        My best memory of blue brick is Wolverhampton Low Level railway station and a massive wall supporting the High Level (current) station opposite when going on our annual family holiday to the Cambrian Coast before my father bought a second hand Austin Somerset motor car in 1961. Whitbread’s new pub, on the opposite side of the station to the great Great Western, is appropriately named the Blue Brick.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes, the Pretty Bricks, as the New Inn has long been known, has its place in history.
        It’s where in 1972 Walsall CAMRA was formed with an initial brief to cover the country from here north to John O’Groats.
        Just imagine a Good Beer Guide selection meeting with a pub allocation of about 2000 !


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