Even shorter posts from now; more time for you to wash your hands and catch up on back issues of BlackpoolJane.

I forgot to give you the pinked map for Worcestershire; I know in these uncertain times a pinked map brings great comfort.

Last pinking for a while

No more new pubs to bring you for the forseeable future, but I can still bring you some pictures to show what we’re missing, so we’ll appreciate it even more when we get it back.

Starting with Wonderful Worcester, home to famous underwater cricket team the Webbed Pears.



The waters have receded, Deep Impact style, so I stopped for a wee and a coffee, which will probably be my last for a while too (a coffee, not a wee) . How stupid is it at my age to have a large Columbian filter from Coffee #1 before a long drive home ?

Worcester was virtually deserted at 3pm on Sunday. At least that means that you won’t come within 2 metres of anyone. I guess we won’t be allowed out on to the streets to admire architecture like this soon.

Only other human for half a mile
Loads of understated gems here

There’s two cathedrals in Worcester. One is more than a thousand years old; the other that has probably featured more than any other pub on this blog.

Soar like an Eagle

Once this is over I’ll come back and do the Eagle Vaults justice; it’s not just the micropubs and home brewers that need our support, you know.

Stop sign means DON’T GO IN PUBS


  1. Worcester and the surrounding area was a big surprise to me. I enjoyed the area more than I expected to. I know the beer quality isn’t as good as some other regions, but I still think the town is a great place to visit. Wonderful curry houses and the cathedral is wonderful. Vibrant city center when we were there too.


      1. No idea of the historical reason, but it’s basically a salient of Gloucestershire between the Avon and the Severn centred on the village of Twyning. It also includes the delightfully named “The Twittocks”.

        I would definitely return to the Eagle Vaults if I visited Worcester again, although sadly we will no longer have Mr Coldwell to point out the evil ways of Marston’s 😦

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      2. T’other Mudgie,

        Yes, I’ve been to Worcester and the Eagle Vaults four times in the past two years but it’s so good that I’m intending another visit. Now where did I put my diary ?

        Yes, I remember Marstons and the Rifle Drum being the two things Richard got most worked up about. I can understand one of them.


  2. Had a good chuckle at your “a pinked map brings great comfort” line– it’s so true, though.

    Did I read right that you won’t even allow yourself takeaway now? I was hoping I’d see you devise a new NBSS-style rating for takeaways, cups of coffee, etc. πŸ˜‰

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  3. Now this post has made me sad. The closure of pubs and the postponement of the cricket season were made in the same afternoon.

    It’s cricket season weather this week too. I’d pay a lot of money for a pint in the Plough and an afternoon at New Road right now 😒

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