March 2020

Big hands, Donald

My last pubs before the self-imposed ban came in Bewdley, where I finished the Worcestershire chapter of the GBG in style.


Bewdley is a wonderful town, especially when the Spoons hotel is £39 a night (“How much ?says Paul). The new Travelodge seems to be a work-in-progress;

Will look good when it’s finished

It was still recovering from last month’s floods, and combined with the virus and a drab day was the quietest I’ve even seen it.

And that includes the night the Southworths came to town and scared the locals off.

Top Landlord venue there

Two new Guide pubs in Bewdley, but one of them is the eponymous Brewery Tap, so I was keen to get that done.

All the “B”s

It’s a pleasant, homely little attachment to the brewery, with half a dozen regulars and a shrine to Ansells.

Note original 1215 GBG on wall
Is Suckley a real place ?
Much missed I’m sure
Communal drinking not recommended

I had my protective glove on, opened the door with a tissue, and stood a metre away from the bar. I felt a right prat, but at least I was making the effort.

The free rolls and pies on the bar, always a nice touch, seemed risky now.

Luckily there was a seat 2 metres from everyone else.

Note Bass clock at rear

The Worcestershire Way was the best I’ve had, a cool and silky 3.5+, and (once again) the welcome was as good as you’d hope.

“Cheers mate. Nice to have you” and I knew he meant it. Every £3 matters.

My heart wasn’t in it though, and I felt a bit sad about what Bewdley Brewery and the rest of the town’s fine pubs were almost inevitably about to face.

And their posh Italian restaurants and “cheap & cheerful” shop, come to that.

Black & white gems
Loo roll gone
Spoons ahoy

I didn’t realise the Black Country Real Ale Tavern was a new pub conversion.

There’s no stopping them, is there ?

Wonder what it used to be ?

They keep the loo rolls in there

Very classy, very quiet. A bit like their newish place we visited in Shifnal recently.

Nicely done

Far too many beers on, as usual. Why have Wainwright in a brewery-owned pub?


I took a look at the enormous beer board, counted out the silver coins I’d washed that morning, and found what can only be described as “posh bench seating” to enjoy “Baby Love” with my beer. As it were.


My usual Pig On The Wall was decent enough, the folk who were in were cheery and discussing their future foreign holidays (Oh), and I immediately admired Black Country for providing some competition to the Batham’s stranglehold (only sort of joking).

It all felt a bit calm before the storm, and I felt a little sad if I’m honest.

Then the barman wandered over and very politely asked for the 5p I’d shortchanged him on my half, and that cheered me up immediately. Inexplicable but true.


23 thoughts on “5p OUT IN BEWDLEY

  1. I don’t think it’s 4.10pm so that “T 1610 B” is probably about another health crisis 410 years ago.

    “Very classy, very quiet. A bit like their newish place we visited in Shifnal recently. Nicely done”.
    Yes, all Black Country Ales pubs are done out in very much the same way, not as good as Humphrey’s pubs but better than Joules’s.

    Did you get out to the Rising Sun for Banks’s on an exceedingly rare metered pump ?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I think Banks’s Mild / Original in (unlined) oversized glasses is only at three pubs, the Rising Sun, the Stile and the Cross Keys in Penkridge. I was in all three last autumn.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Well, half a day, then it’s only several minutes to t’other half in Stafford or Wolverhampton.
        Now, where did I put my diary ?


      3. No, I won’t have one of them for another six months.
        Don’t forget that once the metered pumps break down in the Rising Sun or Cross Keys that’s it finished as they can no longer be repaired.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I’m fairly sure one of our Beer and Pubs Forum broke ranks on a trip there in 2017 and is socially disatancing with a polypin of Bathams XXX and a giant cob.

        There’s some interesting rock walls just north of Stourport if I recall. Decent pub next to it.


      2. But Rock is of course best known as the Cornish village where the Doom Bar we all know and love is brewed.


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