DAFFODILS, DYMOCK & DAFT retiredmartin


March 2020

I realise that this blog is becoming less relevant by the day, but equally it becomes even more important that I keep writing. See Blackpool Jane’s marvellous blog for a similar perspective (warning : contains beans).

What you need today are the first signs of Spring, a Proper Pub, and retiredmartin cocking up again.

Dim Martin goes to Dymock, perhaps.

A rich seam of pubs here


Just off the M50, ten minutes from other-worldly Ledbury, I’d never heard of Dymock, but Wiki tells me;

Dymock is the ancestral home of the Dymoke family who are the Royal Champions of England, which sounds important. I guess important in the same sense that Duncan is the Royal Champion of the GBG and BRAPA is the court jester.

Daffs and church

It’s also the birthplace of the Dymock Red, a cider apple, and Stinking Bishop cheese, which is quite a CV for a village of less than 2,000.

Not to mention the daffs. Daff festivals, daffs walks, daffs outside the Beauchamp Arms, daffs on the table.

More daffs

WhatPub says it closes at 2.30, but us tickers knows that often means last orders at 2.00 or when the last diner leaves if sooner, so I run for the door.

It’s all charming, in that way that community-owned pubs often are.

The large and familiar looking porch leads to a bar are preserved in 1972.

Unpretentious dining
Clutter and essential clock that’s wrong

I can hear laughter, always a good sign, from the dining room at the rear, but the bar is deserted.

1972 theme tken to extreme

Just as in 1972, two local beers on the bar, one of them embellished with hunting scenes.

The ’70s feel is rather ruined by the Haribo, I think, but then remember that anything that brings children into pubs is GOOD.

Local one with hunting theme, or Wye Valley?
Robinsons cider the only craft

More charming service, even though I’m only putting £1.75 in the till. On that note,where are these £5 pints I read about on Discourse ?

I take my half of creamy Bitter (NBSS 3) on a little tour of a pub that’s a museum of tat, since the red car has obscured my window set view of the daffs.

Oooh, Marston’s glass

The brasses look familiar, but that’s because ALL rural Gloucestershire pubs HAVE to have horse brasses on the wall, surely ?


Back home, my spreadsheet resolutely fails to disclose an earlier visit, but a search on top pub website retiredmartin reveals all;

January 24, 209

Barely a year ago and I’d already forgotten the Beauchamp. Just shows how different pubs look when they’re full or empty.

Still, never regret visiting pubs. You never know when it might be your last.

19 thoughts on “DAFFODILS, DYMOCK & DAFT retiredmartin

  1. My main sports blog asked readers what they should write about during the lockdown. Suggestion for you. I think we all love your stuff not only as pub writing but also as travel writing. How about a series on great places to visit with photos from the archives? More street scenes etc, but with a pub focus. We, I anyway, need you writing… I already had to cancel two holidays and I get the sense I’ll be home for a while.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. On the selfish front I’ll continue… I also like the food tips. How about some themed posts on curry, fish and chips, and Chinese takeaway?

        Liked by 1 person

    1. If it’s done with a will, as the Chinese have just done, then it’s all over in about three weeks.

      I say let’s bite the bullet.


      1. I prefer your view, but that isn’t what I have read. Have you read that in detail somewhere? My understanding is social distancing just changes the pattern of how the infection spreads. Shutting down just prevents a large peak that overwhelms the healthcare system. It doesn’t stop people from getting the virus. I’d be curious what you have seen on the topic.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, the whole situation is pretty depressing. It seems to come down to “will they have a bed for me when I get it” type of situation. Merkle’s number of 60 to 70% of the population getting it seems to be repeated by epidemiologists across the world. Not fun times. I’ll be very curious to watch how people in the US adapt to restrictions on social behavior. We ain’t China…

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes “will they have a bed for me when I get it” is more or less what Mrs Mudge was asking before suggesting I had best get it sooner rather than later – so maybe a few Proper Days Out very soon to give me the best chance.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. According to the dear old Guardian, China has just celebrated closing its last coronavirus hospital, and new cases are down to a handful a day, mainly foreigners coming in who are carefully checked and quarantined.

        That’s pretty impressive, but I’m glad that no one has nailed up my front door as yet.


  2. Another beer range composed entirely of BBBs 😊

    Those people who imagine there’s a craft revolution need to get out a bit more 😛


  3. The blog remains relevant, RM. Insofar as it’s possible, please keep it up. Here in Shetland, (sorry I bang on about Shetland but we have 15 cases out of a population of 22K, No. 2 bro & sis – in – law are self-isolating and Mrs B says she feels a bit Uncle Dick) I could do with some vicarious pubbing! If all else fails, how about a highlights package (as opposed to replacing MOTD with Mrs Brown’s Boys, FFS)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree – keep on blogging! Half the time you look as though you’re in isolation even when you’re in the pub! Pubs also need the trade and, on a personal note, I’m hoping that they don’t cancel my pub quizzes. With any luck, the Great British public will reject the advice to not go to the pub!

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