Mrs RM has just started an assignment in Northampton. She’s probably in the Rifle Drum with a pint of Fosters as I wrote this*

Rifle Drum – a classic ?

Before she started I took her on a night out in Hereford, which possibly wasn’t top of her Bucket List but there you go.

Bless you A14/M42/M5/M40

Getting close to a REAL classic pub now, but first a short diversion with Mrs RM to Ledbury. You can never pass up a trip to Ledbury.

Sadly it wasn’t a return trip to this one,

Unique sofa seating outside the Prince of Wales

but on yet another day of 26 degrees and unremitting sunshine the walk into town made up for that aberration.

Not THAT Feathers
Market place where confiscated craft beer is poured down the open sewer

Something appeared to be going on in town.

Not a Punk Festival, then

The sort of Victorian fluffery you expect in Walthamstow, in fact.

NOT Banksy
Ledbury Naturals, bit like Corinthian Casuals

There’s not much to do in Ledbury apart from say things to your walking partner such as “That looks like the Feathers in Ludlow”, “Shall we get chips ?” and “Fancy a pint“.  The response from Mrs RM to all 3 was “Mmm“, but she was lagging behind. Anyone who’s trailed behind Paul Mudge in pursuit of a pub will know how Mrs RM feels.

Oh good, a micro pub

Normally, my heart sinks at the tell-tale sign of a micro (which is generally the absence of a sign), but the Lion won my affections by serving just two beers, both well-known round here, and feeling like a Proper Pub.

Beers you’ve heard of.  Will it catch on ?

Mrs RM rushed for the loo, leaving me at the bar to attempt banter in a foreign language with some folk from the nearby campsite.  They looked like members of the Waterboys touring band.

Are you one of the poets come for a beer ? ”  asked the lady.

I hate to let people down.

There was an old lady from Ewyas Harold”  I started.

Luckily at that moment Mrs RM rescued me.  Anyway, a poetry festival, with the Waterboys playing or something.  Hopefully just the new stuff.

Pewter drinking vessels – destroying beer since 1543


Decent pub, decent beer, a bit squashed (but you guessed that, didn’t you).

Next up, the GOAT of pubs (perhaps).


*I’ll bet she isn’t.  I would have joined her there tonight but it takes two hours to get there at the moment.


  1. That outdoor seating looks just the thing for a quick rest heading to the next pub. But that indoor barrel seating won’t ever catch on.
    BTW, 26C is about the low where I live…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, that outdoor seating looks too comfortable with a risk of dozing off and missing the eighth pub.
      There was no problem with such indoor barrel seating in the lounge of Becky’s Dive Bar, Southwark over forty years ago but I think there were ‘proper’ seats in the bar.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Six months from now when we’re each drawing up our list of the ten most memorable pubs of the year I doubt if any of us will not include the Rifle Drum.
        Maybe the Rifle Drum is so bad that it’s good !


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