Many of you have been in touch with me with special requests for this series of Welsh posts, which is sadly drawing to a close.

The printable one reads;

Less silly pubs, more pictures of Duncan’s jumper

Just in time

It was 8.30pm as we skated past St Brides Bay and the Havens en-route for St Ishmaels (not to be confused with St Ishmael).


The roads were deserted (just as well), the views stunning, and since it was my car I didn’t have to play Duncan’s weird gaelic folk CDs.

A month ago the Brook in St Ishmaels hadn’t warranted a mention on my travels, but tonight we arrived to a beautiful sunset, live music in the tent, and half the village drinking Prosecco ale from the barrel.

The Brook redeemed

Google Maps said we’d be at Stackpole at 22:10. I arrived at 22:10.  And people slag off Google.  No time for a run down to Barafundle Bay, Duncan sprinted into the Stackpole.

Reassuring bright light is Duncan’s aura

No rush“, I shouted “It’s open till 11″.

Parked up, I joined him to see if the Inn looked any less gastro in the evening.

Can I HELP you, Sir”  said the barman.  “We’re just closing“.

Yes, once the folk had finished their pan fried Sewin they were closing, whatever their published opening hours said.  Duncan sank his half and we hit the road.

I’d hoped to visit the GBG pub at Cardigan, home to our “Hotel” at the Angel, but that would have to wait.

Yes it was taken in the morning, pedants

Suddenly, at 23:32, it struck us.

We were starving.  Your options at 23:32 on Monday night in Cardigan are limited.


Seyrans didn’t seem that delighted to see us either.

And the doner kebab was a bit “tired”  (NKSS 2).  But needs must.

15 thoughts on “KEBABS IN CARDIGAN

  1. Talking about cardigans, I hope that Pubmeister has more than one of that shirt. He seems to have been wearing it for about a week !


  2. I would like to point out though I may indeed have been wearing that clothing for a week, all these blogs relate to a single day. I can confirm a dribbling chin but don’t recall Martin’s choice of music. Think he was content to let me drivel on after plying me with multiple halves all night. He certainly knows how to sniff out a good coffee house though.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Like the idea of you defending my cardigan in Cardigan. You had the advantage of full coherence during those conversations. At least no podcast of the return journey has emerged.


      2. That’s a very special cardigan with not having an open front.
        And hooped ( or tartan ) versions are quite unusual.
        Where might I buy one like that ?


    1. Yes, the reader loses track of time. RM has been writing about Wales for a week, we have been reading about Wales for a week so it feels like your journey took a week !

      Liked by 2 people

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