TWO, count them, TWO pubs for you this time, as the Pubmeister attempts to make up for lost time and reach Stackpole before dark descended.


Next up was Solva, famed anong Guardianistas for the harbourside pubs.

But possibly not the roadside Royal George. Or Villa Giorgio as it appears to be known.

Someone forgot their anchor

You can see the sea from the car park, if you jump high enough.

I can see the seaside

We turned up on Monday night, the one day without steaks, so I guess it wasn’t surprising we doubled the crowd.

I can’t pretend this one made much of an impression, though no pub is entirely without merit. Two sorts of seating, beer mats, and a mini piano.  What more do you want ?

Quite fancied that mixed grill tbh

In and out in ten minutes, making up time.  Oh no, Duncan’s been nabbed by the two Old Boys, admiring his jumper or something.

Anyhow, five minutes to Roch, and some lovely home brew.

Entry from the rear.  As it were.

Homebrew willl always get you in the Guide.  Unless you’re in Glossop.

The Victoria had four of their beers on, which will have thrilled the OAP diners who demand CHOICE.  They were the epitome of OK, I seem to recall Duncan saying.  He may deny it now.

Stunning pump clips

You can never be bored in Duncan’s company; his tales of breaking into Isle of Mull golf clubs at midnight to pour himself a half are blog gold.

But my attention drifted to old newspapers and copies of the Beano decorating the walls.

What was the score ?
What date was this issue ?

What’s wrong with Bass mirrors, anyway ?

As we headed towards Pembroke, we took a moment to admired the sunset.


“Not a bad life”  one of us said.

Not unless I failed to make it to Stackpole before closing.


16 thoughts on “ROCH ON, PUBMEISTER

  1. The Victoria was one of the pubs I really wanted to visit. It reads well when you look around online. Doesn’t sound like a big miss.


    1. Being beside the seaside you might have had a Rock Salmon Roll.
      ( Rock Salmon Cobs, Rock Salmon Baps and Rock Salmon Barm Cakes have never been popular inland ) .

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “…“Not a bad life” one of us said.

    Not unless I failed to make it to Stackpole before closing…”


    Russ, are there the right number of negatives there? My brain is fried, I’m afraid.

    Liked by 1 person

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