27th February 2020

A glorious February came to an end in the coalfields of Nottinghamshire, inevitably at a community focused micro.

Pleasingly, it filled an irritating gap in the GBG map. These things matter when you’re as old as me.



A fifteen minute hop from Mansfield’s shiny station gave me a few minutes to explore a proper mining community. Scary children, eerie woods,

Inspiration for The Cure ?

edible samosas.


A tidy community with a vast number of motorhomes and a Miners Club promising “Kimberley” Smooth.

My micro opened at 4pm to cater for shoppers with Heron Foods bags returning from the “Big City”.

It’s in a great dead-end location, in the best sense of the word.


You can walk to the Abbey from here, but I didn’t.

I wasn’t expecting such a homely place.

Typical Notts best room, 1965.

For five points name that painting.

No, the other one
He beat me in
Loved the mining tat

One other chap in at 4, so I could follow his lead and have the Shipstons to finish Notts in appropriate style.

Posh scratchings, too, £4.90 for the two so no bargain but high quality.


There’s some nice old photos of children from Blackpool enjoying winter holidays in Mansfield Woodhouse.

“I love your pub” I said. And I did.


And I think I’ve found Simon the perfect future career once his bank job ends.


10 thoughts on “NEWSTEAD AND THE PIT

  1. I didn’t realize there was such a thing as mining tat, but now that I’ve learned of it I’m very glad it exists. I once stopped at a rather humble gift shop in West Virginia that was related to the coal mining history in the area. They had little sculptures that had been carved from pieces of coal. (So perhaps I knew of mining tat after all!)

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