12th January 2020

Never been to Edgerley before. Or Pentre. Or Wilcott Marsh.

In fact the triangle between Oswestry, Shrewsbury and Welshpool in unknown border territory.


Though it did provide a basket meal bonanza in Criggion in 2016.

Royal Hill2

Passing the Nesscliffe Army Training Centre (no micropub) I arrive to find the Royal Hill facing an unwanted visitor.

After you

The Severn was lapping up to the floor of the outdoor drinking. A pleasing view, but a bit disconcerting.

The hills !

Ahead, the road to Melverley Green and Criggion was closed off, so it’s a good job I did the Admiral Rodney (so to speak) when I had the chance.

Perhaps the flood bus will take me to the Scilly Isles when it’s less busy.


Two locals sat in the smoking shelter, unconcerned. There’s probably enough scratchings on the shelves to see them through to Summer.

Safe haven

Not so long ago, the Royal Hill was quaint” says WhatPub. Still is, mate.

Pub Curmudgeon approved bench seating

Darts awards from the two legged victory v Tiverton
Stafford Paul will know who they were

Better pics on the Pub Heritage site, though what stood out for me was the diversity of the locals. Gentlefolk ordering the soup, a younger couple playing in the games room redirecting me to the loos, Old Boys on the porch.

And a genuinely stunning welcome from a young lady keen to get my view on the Gold.

Beers you might know

I can’t pretend the Salopian was great, but it was well served and tasty, and to be honest I didn’t much care (read what you like into that ?).

As relaxing as rural Shropshire gets.


Just don’t believe the signs.



  1. “Stafford Paul will know who they were” – yes, Southams of Shrewsbury was taken over by Threlfall Chesters in 1966 hence a sign like that still outside a Whitbread pub in Harlech twenty years ago.

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  2. Yes! I was there years ago and completely forgot its name or precisely where it is. It was just “that cracking pub in the middle of nowhere next to the Severn.”


  3. The WhatPub write-up really is rather sour and grudging, isn’t it? Surely it would be better to say “old pub that has been sensitively extended.” And it still merits a National Inventory entry.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, seemed a pub to talk up.

      As you’ll know I’m less fussed by the Inventory and authenticity than some, though I understand the appeal.

      We need to support pubs like this that can accommodate darts and pool, loners, diners and smokers on the porch and retain their character.

      The barmaid (?) was wonderful.

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  4. I’ve “Never been to Edgerley” but I’ve been to the “r”less Stockport one.

    Yes, “The WhatPub write-up really is rather sour and grudging” but there’s “Beers you might know”, “it has been extended” meaning it’s no longer “poky” and the furniture, despite including a couple of church pews, isn’t random enough.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good point.

      I didn’t notice any extension. It’s certainly less noticeable than, say, the conservatory at the back of the Leintwardine Sun (though that was probably necessary for the pub’s survival).


      1. For here, the Leintwardine Sun, Mabel Mudge’s old Drewe Arms and a few others an extension might be the only chance of a pub remaining open, and it can usually be done quite sensitively.

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