12th January 2020

That top image, the one that appears on Twitter, is what’s called click bait. Nothing to do with the post but it makes you go “Oooh, I remember Toby“.

You’ve had Watneys, Ind Coope and Toby in quick succession; expect more blasts from the past like Cloudwater and Lost and Grounded soon.

Anyway, I’m on the magical Isle of Sheppey, very pleased to be here for the first time since this sunset on Queenborough in 2018.


So close to Faversham, but so very, very far

The last time I was this close to Sheerness town centre I stayed in this luxurious accommodation;

So gentrified has Sheppey become since then that I expect you could stay in the windmill in the centre for a £120 a night now, assuming a micro hasn’t taking it over.


When Duncan visited recently he was passed from house to house, a succession of magical micros that remind me of Middlesbrough.

I stuck to the new GBG tick. It’s the one with the Union Jack in the window*.

Grief ! A Kent micro

It didn’t get off to a good start. I was greeted as I opened the door, but left it open and rightly got told off for increasing their heating bills and spent two minutes making excuses about expecting doors to shut themselves. Better than Darton doors that don’t open.

As Duncan reported, the Landlady is lovely and chatty and was delighted to see herself in the Pubmeister’s report.

Oooh, Dorking
Loads going on there

I had a very decent pint of Gadds (NBSS 3), sat at a high table with the local CAMRA newsletter (yes, Dave, I have it for you), and tried to join in a conversation about Maidstone’s Rifle Volunteers from a distance.

Joining in conversations in micros is harder than you’d imagine; ask Simon. They can feel like a private party, and for some that’s what they are. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Lovely Gadd’s glass

Plenty of time to explore a town that at turns delights and bewilders.

Nice clock
Now a barbers, of course

The barber gave me an odd look as I took a photo of his tiling and I mouthed “Toby” to no effect.

Elsewhere in the High Street there’s a shop selling signs to Sam Smiths pubs.

Flowers with eyes, grown at Minster nurseries apparently

On our family trip here in 2014 we enjoyed a peculiar but good curry in an old school (think Dilshad in Wolves) Indian restaurant. The prices are still very 1994.

£4.40 your chicken Madras

Forget the name, sorry, but it’s opposite the Spoons that Duncan raved about recently.

Resolutely avoiding the GBG
Bloke standing at bar using App to order

Just to annoy Duncan, the Doom Bar was NBSS 3+. The Spoons was lively, I’ll say that.

Sheerness is an NS(easide)SS 4. They even have mermaids.

Is that supposed to be Tracey Emin

You can’t see the sea monster but you can see Essex, which is close enough.

You can see Southend !

Underrated town and island,and think of the fun Russ would have if he was reading this now.


Poor Mr Dutnall is all I can say.


11 thoughts on “SHEER JOY ON SHEPPEY

  1. Mouthing ‘Toby’ and gesturing is against a local by-law apparently so no wonder you were frowned upon. We enjoyed our time but it was dark and the seascapes definitely merit daylight. Can’t remember if I referred to the Spoons in my own post but do recall the beer glooped out of the pump like sludge. Only seen that once before (Coleraine Spoons). A rare blip on the otherwise blameless Sheppey horizon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I doubt the other beers were great but Doom Bar a safe choice. Shared horror in Coleraine, the year it opened too (“it’s real ale it’s supposed to look like that”). The Crown in Dorchester was a horror show too.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. How could I forget? (I had). In defence, I was asked questions as I opened the door and a male brain can’t multitask. It’s hardly as if I’d leave pub doors open on purpose, though, is it?


      1. Maybe difficulty with multitasking was why we ordered meals individually in Huddersfield, a mistake that got us the biggest telling off ever on a Proper Day Out.


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