12th January 2020

Back once again with a Kent micropub, which sounds like a line from Fat Boy Slim, one of the few English music legends NOT from Dartford.

And I don’t JUST mean Pete Tong.

Image result for Keith and Mick

I don’t think Marx was actually born in Dartford, but there’s plenty of evidence of Dartford’s history of peasant’s revolt.

The revolution will be sponsored by Paddy Power

Dartford claims Wat Tyler as its own, and as he’s named after a pub in the town I think we can treat those claims more seriously than those of Maidstone and Colchester.


Dartford was going through a period of development when I returned after a four year absence, though that’s akin to saying Debenham was having a sale.

New micros under construction

I like towns that are always in transition (see: Manchester, Hull) and the Darenth Valley is a gem of an area for traditional pubs.


It’s all going on in Dartford this winter;

The famous Dulwich in town this Saturday
One for Life After Football

Some buildings for the connoisseur rather than the tourist.

Ex-pub ?
Caught in on a quiet Sunday

I should start believing more, you know; I was convinced the micro would be shut.

Shiniest thing in Dartford

Not only was it open, the opening hours were on a big board outside the pub !!!!!

Generous by 2020 standards

Let’s cut to the quick. It’s a modern beer bar with modern seating that will, er, polarise opinion.


Not my coat

I do like the printed beer list, though.


The very nice lady did explain Periodic Tables to me but I’ve forgotten so you’ll have to look them up. Possibly a measure of hipster cred, as the Arbor number is bigger than the Kent Pale, which conversely was a cool, rich, NBSS 3.5+.

And while I was the only customer, the very nice lady was as chatty as anyone this year, enthusing about the town and the, er, earthier pubs on the High Street.

Great chat makes any pub, and she’s a great ambassador for Dartford as well as the Jug.


5 thoughts on “RED KENT

  1. I’ve got quite a few friends that have been exiled from London and now live in Dartford. Even so, I’ve got no desire to go there.


  2. Red Kent…Red Ken… did you know, that ever since expressing solidarity with Fidel Castro’s Cuba in 1983, Ken Livingstone receives an annual gift of Cuban rum from the Cuban embassy?

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  3. I popped in here recently and thought of you right away when I saw that seating. I couldn’t quite get my head around it, but trying it out I think the hybrid made the raised seating better, and the booths worse. It did, however, give me a good vantage point for observing one or two of those “earthier” types at the bar, who seemed to be working on finding out how much “excessive” means in the context of “we do not tolerate excessive bad language”. Very friendly otherwise, and not a bad pint.

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