Awards to come later, but here’s a few of my favourite photos from my blog* to whet your whistles. A real old mish-mash.

The lovely couple above met us in The Circus (and Grey Horse) on 2 January and explained they were keen observers of Old Codgers in their natural environment.

Talking of The Circus;
Lining them up in The Circus

Four pints

BRAPA taking secret photos in the Fens

She hasn’t noticed, Si. Leverington.

Nemo spotted in a pub below sea level

Someone near Peterborough, probably Glatton

Six sausages in the Lost Dene

Typical Paul breakfast

A dartboard in a Wetherspoons !

Broken Bridge, Pontefract

Wickingman drinking a pint of Bass in the Nag’s Head in Chesterfield.

Def Bass

Happy Carling drinkers

The drink of crafties

Deluxe Mobility Scooter

In Peterborough Spoons, of course

and a micropub toilet sign

Halifax !

*OK, OK, they’re all from the first 3 weeks of January. Deal with it.

3 thoughts on “#PUB PHOTOS

  1. That lovely couple and pints lined up in t’Circus and a Proper Breakfast in t’Lost Dene being just a day short of a year away is a grim reminder that time waits for none of us.
    It won’t seem a couple of months until you’re reviewing 2020.


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