I’m bored of these BRAPA posts now, so here’s the big run-in, from Coates to Glatton. I doubt many folk have heard of these places. Even in Peterborough CAMRA.

Taxi ! Can you take me from point A to point H with added loo stops pleae

All I remembered about the Vine was that I didn’t remember it at all.

This is the Before..

Image:What Pub

And this is what we saw. Had I gone to the wrong pub in 2014 ?


Ah. A conservatory. At the front. These sort of subtle modernisations by sofa are quite common in the Fens; see the Travellers Rest or Lazy Otter on the A10 for evidence.

Looks like a car showroom” said Simon, who has never been in a car showroom in his life.

I didn’t even remember the juke box, which seemed to be entirely stocked with tracks by cover singers from Wisbech.

Where’s the Tull ?

I had a vague recollection of Bass, and the Old Boys indeed had Bass glasses. But no Bass.

Definitely not Bass

Simon was on his fourth beer, the “mellow” one, but I still made him drink some Rutland Beast as well as his more sensible pint.

A bit too modern for my taste, but probably not the locals who tipped up (presumably once they realised BRAPA was in the village).

2.45 at Wincanton goes to the wire

My notes are unusually sober, of course, noting succinctly that “Blue glove man drank his pint too quickly“. Am so judgemental.

Cutting edge gloves in Coates

Si’s 5th pint came at the Pub of the Day at Ramsey. I might make him go back with Mrs RM to present the certificate.

What’s in my glass ?

In his post Si assumed I was ambivalent about joining him in The Angel because I didn’t rate it. Just the opposite; I wanted him to experience the magic for himself.

This, after all, was the pub where a child said “Bye” to me as I walked out (the wrong door, but never mind).

But at the last minute, I changed my mind, and a dazzling walk past inflatable santas and into a pub playing “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep” later, it began.

Just as with the Halcyon Quest, I can’t explain the magic. It’s just a place where people treat you as part of the pub. Which isn’t as common as it sounds.

Keg Bass, of course it is
Simon recognises the intro to “9 to 5”

The locals were chatty, and incredibly nosey, but as Jo was on her 4th pint of Goose Island I think we can forgive her. She was also from Croydon, where Si has recently been on holiday.

Ramsey is practically below sea level, the Admiral Wells in Holme used to be the lowest GBG pub, though oddly Si seemed less than enthralled at my running commentary by this point.

Last stop Glatton, which was participating in one of those “Dark Skies” experiments where the locals turn all their lights off and attempt to identify an Ian Clarkson clearance heading towards Neptune or something.

This was prime gastro, fully booked at 6 but empty at 5 as locals are all doing Dry19.

Cheery lady
BRAPA haul for the day

Yes, Simon emptied his rucksack looking for a green marker, while I cooed over Nemo.

And that was that. Apart from the inadvisable beers he no doubt had in Peterborough, whose Spoons had five times as many folk as in pubs 2-6 put together. But was Spoons more fun ?

18 thoughts on “GOING BELOW SEA LEVEL

      1. Re the title, was this Fens pub actually below sea level?

        There are more topographically-depressed areas, and put to farming use too, like that rift valley cereal farm in the Channel Islands.

        Not heard of it?

        Oh, I thought that everyone knew, that Sark Chasm Is The Lowest Farm Of Wheat.

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  1. This one really was delightful, start to finish. Seems a lovely place, and I must imagine that “strangers are welcome here” feeling is crucial (and often in short supply).

    “Looks like a car showroom” said Simon, who has never been in a car showroom in his life.

    I think ‘Jo from Croydon on her 4th pint of Goose Island’ can maybe join the pantheon of memorable punters on the RM blog. She will for me, anyway. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. “who has never been in a car showroom in his life.”

    Even with our horrid winters most car dealerships over here rarely have more than one or two cars inside.
    (at least on Vancouver Island anyway)

    “Where’s the Tull ?”

    I’m still scratching my head over the ‘money acceptor’.

    ““Blue glove man drank his pint too quickly“. ”

    Haven’t you been known to down a pint in 13 seconds or some such?

    “What’s in my glass ?”

    Murk, but the non beer type?

    “Keg Bass, of course it is”

    In a lager branded glass? Heavens!

    “and attempt to identify an Ian Clarkson clearance heading towards Neptune or something.”

    (slow golf clap)

    “BRAPA haul for the day”

    Good lord. Well, that (partly) answers my question above. 😉


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Did you get the Before picture from the Twitter feed of the renowned socialist and champion of the working class Lady Nugee ?


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