I’m not one for celebrating days (apart from 22 December); treat every day like the best day of your life.

So I haven’t been out on New Year’s Eve at midnight for 30 years, since I saw in the year of The Beloved and Fool’s Gold and World In Motion with six IPAs (“Ippers”) at the Free Press. Modern music is much better, folks.

Just about now it’ll be filling up in my local, which doesn’t bother with tickets and Adele tributes.

The Sun. STILL not visited by Dick and Dave

But when I popped in for the “15 minutes” the Chung Hwa said that my crispy beef and spicy squid would take (always double it) there was the usual half dozen in the Public; four faces you recognise and a couple you don’t.

A readable beer board

The note on the bottom row isn’t from the Real Ale Tairsters, note.

I said hello to Andrew the Landlord. We compared notes on Bass, VAR (booo !) and Christmas Eve v Black Eye Friday.

He sells more real ale than keg, you know.


I drank the Nog (3.5) in ten minutes, so I had time for the Lacons (3.5+) before Order number 38 was ready.

You don’t sip beer. Even on New Year’s Eve.

And yes, Mrs RM has drunk all the bottles of beer my sis gave me for Christmas.

18 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR

  1. I love the descriptions of the beers: Pale, Copper, Golden and Dark. Says all it should have to say. No “hints of” or “subtle fruit” mentions. Dick offered to weed your father’s garden sometime so I expect to be back.

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      1. I have had a lot of practice. I will even “tend” to the two greens. (RM told me the names, but I cannot remember what they are!)


      1. Oh yes. A real ale desert apart from the Scalloway Hotel I’m afraid. Tennents, Staropramen and some evil craft keeps me going.


  2. Another year over, and one that had me drinking 6% more pints in 28% more pubs.
    2020 might not be anything to look forward to but let’s hope we can all get out to Proper Pubs a bit more.

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      1. Yes, of course. There’s others sought out more rare beers and perched on more random furniture in more poxy micropubs, etc. while I’ve just gone where I liked.


      1. Oh, I’d forgotten that had got in – there’s a decent express bus from Newcastle. Still, looking on the bright side, the new micro – Hop 77 – in Ashington might not have been open long enough to make it into GBG2021.


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