Olives in a tea cup – beat that 2020

Tonight I’ll be working on my Stocktake for December (Spoiler: lots of pubs) and the Annual Retired Martin Awards for 2019.  If you can guess my PubMan of the year you win two pints of ESB.

In the meantime, what does 2020 promise for the pubber.  Inspired by Pub Curmudeon’s review of the decade, I put my thinking cap on (it’s a bobble hat).

The good news first. 1 January 2020 brings a new batch of Spoons vouchers into play.  The bad news is that Spoons will probably be the only pubs open in January where you can get a drink.

Once in, expect ever weirder jam jars


Dogs in the way of the bar


Less info on pumpclips, more on electronic beerboards

Also Lutterworth

The cob v roll v bap debate will rumble on


Ill-fitting T-shirts worn by your favourite bloggers

Er, the Star

No-one will understand how lacings work

Moon Under Water, Manchester

Vinegar bottles will feature in 5% of my photos

Angel, beer was actually good

Loo wall graffiti will get even classier

Angel,Manchester, again

And Simon will fall over after six pints.


But the big shock will come in May when Sir Humphrey Smith bans pints in all his pubs, with all beer served in tekus.  Old Mudgie will rage against it in June.

14 thoughts on “2020 VISION

    1. Quite right, no literacy for the plebs who are allowed into his establishments. In future the managers will be instructed to read out the daily news in Latin, once censored by Humphrey himself.


      1. There’s not even a Humphrey version of Wetherspoon News. You would have to read the runes by working out which pubs had been airbrushed out, Stalinist-style, from one issue to the next.

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  1. Has to be BRAPA after the Newark incident. What else can show such a commitment to the trade? LAF runner up for going where no pubman has gone before…


  2. In the Bird in Hand today at five-past-opening and five pints by 4pm was a good start to the new year but I know that that sort of commitment isn’t sustainable and I sadly won’t be supporting Proper Pubs so well during the rest of 2020.

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