“BASS ?”


Having dumped BRAPA at Huntingdon station I trudged back to Waterbeach to feed Matt. I have a phobia about being at home at the best of times, but Saturday Night in Cambridgeshire is always an ordeal.

But redemption was at hand.

Saimon (no relation) is the village skate punk/twitcher/beer geek, and gets my thumbs up for alerting me to the arrival of the Draught Bass at the Sun.

I popped in between ordering Matt’s kebab,

Another Saturday night at the ‘beach
Meal 10 the best bet

and recording my parents’ garden at dusk.

Probably not a future micropub

I’ve told you enough about the Sun.  A proper local, beer well-kept, Sky football to the left.  All you need.

A Proper Pub

Half a dozen regulars, including a worrying number of Liverpool fans cheering Salah’s winner at Huddersfield.

I nodded acknowledgement to Andrew, the Landlord.

“Bass ?”  And that was it.  How did he know ?

Choices Choices

It was a good Bass, perfect temperature and tight head.  Not quite the flat masterpiece of the Petersgate, but as good as you’ll get in Derby this week.

So I did my bit, but I suspect it’s not on tonight and won’t be back for a while.

Why do pubs rotate their beers when kebab vans don’t keep changing their range ?



23 thoughts on ““BASS ?”

    1. Yes, is that an Italian mimosa tree that I see? There’s a fine specimen just outside the Hermit’s Cave, in Camberwell, which is quite something in the Spring.


      1. So Waterbeach’s Sun has recently made you realise what it’s like living near a pub with Draught Bass and you know it’s permanent fixture in Stafford’s Railway and Kings Arms ?
        And not a thought as to what I would drink in Minneapolis !


  1. “I have a phobia about being at home at the best of times.” I assume you’re not being serious, Martin?

    As much as I enjoy visiting and experiencing different places, there’s no place like home, and the joy of waking up in one’s own bed.


    1. Not sure if serous, as the meme goes !

      But it’s true, isn’t it ? You’d be miffed if your Starbucks or independent coffee place didn’t do a flat white or espresso, or your Indian place dropped the pappodums ?

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  2. “Meal 10 the best bet”

    Obviously it’s the can of drink that clinches it. 🙂

    “Probably not a future micropub”

    I can practically hear the tiny wood sprites tittering in the foliage.

    “How did he know ?”

    Another of life’s riddles that will never be solved. 😉

    “Why do pubs rotate their beers when kebab vans don’t keep changing their range ?”

    See above; another of life’s unsolvable riddles.


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  3. Seeing the picture of the burger caravan and the next photograph with a caption about not becoming a micropub has given me an evil scheme whereby convert a caravan into a micropub, then having got into the guide, not only do I have erratic opening hours but also move the pub without prior warning at frequent intervals.

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