It was so much fun being BRAPA’s taxi the other week that I’m going to do it again this Saturday.  Come along to Comberton and cheer us on (actually, that’ll be local taxi firms demonstrating against me nicking their business).

Pub No.5 for Si was the Mermaid (he was saving the sixth for Peterborough, with no doubt disastrous consequences).

This is the Road, to Ell-ington.  As Chris Rea sang.

Now the highlight of following BRAPA should be the deterioration in his faculties after 5 pints, of course, but my scientific research shows a commendable level of resilience to the demon drink (compared to me).

Look how cheerful he is at Pub No.5.

Face of a champion

In fact, it’s me who’s been bewildered, getting my Mermaids mixed up with my Dolphins.

A member of the Dolphin family

Not only did I just tell Roger Protz we’d be kicking off at the Dolphin on our St Albans pub crawl (there isn’t one, it’s a swimming pool), I told Mark I’d be writing about The Dolphin today.

Easy mistake to make as they come from the same family of sea creatures.

The Mermaid. Honest

This was my first trip to the Mermaid since 1996, and possibly my last. Back then it was a simple village pub with Draught Bass and Old Boys, even at lunchtime.

Cushions !
Taste of Terror well-named
No Bass

Now, you get virtually all tables reserved for diners on the tasting menu, a little solitaire monstrosity on the table, licking dogs and barely a sound.  Just a couple whispering.

Did I mention the tasting menu ?

**** Fever-Tree

Our table was sticky, the home-brew from down the road hilariously undrinkable and did I mention the dogs ?  I’ll let Simon tell you.

The highlight was when Si went to the wrong loo.  It’s his trademark.

Ellington is a pretty village currently home to the world’s biggest collection of portaloos, in situ to serve the needs of workers constructing the new A14 (marked by red dashes below).

All happening here

By common consensus in our household the Huntingdon bypass will be the best thing to happen to this country since the invention of Pad Thai in 1988.

But it’s going to be another couple of years before the shiny new dual carriageway knocks 15 minutes off our journeys north. 

I dumped Si at Huntingdon station and joined the 30mph crawl home.


16 thoughts on “A (PUB)MAN NEEDS A (MER)MAID

  1. “Face of a champion”

    True. But, why wear a camouflage shirt and then camouflage the camouflage? 🙂

    “getting my Mermaids mixed up with my Dolphins.”

    Maybe you were thinking of Poole in Dorset (nicknamed the Dolphins) owing to the fact Si is currently blogging about Dorset? 😉

    “Easy mistake to make as they come from the same family of sea creatures.”

    Both mammals but I’m sure I could pick the mermaid out of a line-up. 🙂

    “Taste of Terror well-named”

    What the bloody hell is that wooly thing to the right of the fireplace?

    “Did I mention the tasting menu ?”

    Good lord!

    “The highlight was when Si went to the wrong loo. It’s his trademark.”

    No doubt he went to do his usual. That’s his trademark as well. 😉



      1. Absolutely!

        Of course, at that point it would have to be a kind of Braille check rather than by eyesight. 😉


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