The enforced absence from GBG pubs* (enforced by the need to give my body a break as much as the closure of pubs themselves) has given me chance to re-read some of my favourite bloggers and bring you a highlights package.

In 2019 Paul Bailey’s blog could be summed up as Brexit, breakfasts and builders in the house. In fact, Paul is to chain pubs breakfasts what BeerMat is to Derby estate pubs !

Looks good

It’s the fine detail about sausages and dodgy plumbing that makes his posts unmissable, and it was good to catch up with him in Rye, the Great British Beer festival and Shifnal this year.

Points deducted for the title “Taking a tinkle at the Thomas Tallis” though.

Here’s Paul’s hand on the roof of St Mary’s in Rye.


In January Paul beat me to the lucrative Piper’s sponsorship I’ve long been angling for.

and predicted the outbreak of virtue signalling to accompany Dry January.

Also in January Paul gave us a considered view on the Asahi takeover of Fullers from his position of working for a Japanese company.

Another interesting perspective from corporate life came in February with Paul taking a lunch hour in the pub. Brilliant stuff. Almost made me restart my career so I could do the same for the first time in 30 years !

With (mainly) work jaunts to Cologne, China and Krakow in 2019 Paul managed more overseas trips than me this year !

I’ll have to get him out to the wilds of Gillingham and Sheerness for some real exotica in 2020. Might even find some fish and chips as good as these Polish ones.

*Don’t worry, it’s only 3 days.


  1. Thanks for your link to Paul’s thoughts on the Asahi takeover of Fullers; really enjoyed reading that. By a funny coincidence I’d read a book about the entire history of Fuller’s not much more than a year before this sale was made (written by Adrian Tierney-Jones). So I was in just the right position to be aghast at the news. 😉

    No signs yet that I’ve seen of Asahi elevating the Fuller’s brand here in the States, but perhaps that will come in the years ahead. It would be a very silvery silver lining from my selfish vantage point, but still I wish they could have remained a family brewer.

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    1. Many folk wish Humphrey of Sam Smiths fame would leave the family brewery so they can put prices up, reintroduce mobile devices, and have pointless signs all over the place. You can’t win 😉

      Fullers had gone from family brewer to family restauranteur some time ago I fear.

      If I ever have another great pint of Pride I’ll let you know.

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  2. Thanks for the plug Martin, glad you’ve enjoyed reading about my Sunday breakfasts and experiences with builders. We had someone round this morning to sort out a leaking gutter. This handyman was Japanese, as you can’t seem to get an English tradesman for love nor money! Can’t blame that one on Brexit!

    Touching briefly on that thorny subject, your photo of me in best “Remain” attire, serves as a stark reminder for me to reduce my waist-size this coming year. Perhaps I shall have to cut out those Sunday breakfasts!

    I’m still working on the Piper’s sponsorship, but picked up a king-size “sharing” bag at Majestic Wines last weekend. Managed to buy young Matthew a case of Paulaner Münchener Hell whilst there as well.

    As for work jaunts, I’m off north of the border, early next month, to sunny Dundee no less! Two nights away with return flights from Gatwick to Edinburgh, then pick up a hire car for the drive across the Forth and Tay bridges. Any classic Dundee pubs you can recommend?

    Other points to note, I shall continue to enjoy the odd, crafty lunchtime pint and also work on my alliteration; even though I thought my Canterbury micro-pub attempt was rather amusing.

    Finally, that Polish plate of food you so admired, was actually a Schnitzel. The Poles seem to love then even more than their German neighbours – as they do sausages!

    ps. Fish and chip porn coming next week, as I’ve promised to drive Mrs PBT’s down to Dungeness for lunch.

    pps. I’ve a work colleague who lives on Sheerness. He rather likes it there!


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