Chadd Wilmot Arms 13.01.19  (48).jpg
Wilmot Arms, Derby

LifeAfterFootball remained the go-to blog for post-punk musical references, a haven from B****t debate, and the UK’s definitive source of inspiration for those seeking out East Midlands estate boozers.

LAF aka BeerMat aka Lord Coalville visited about 180 boozers in 2019  (and the Pint Shop in Brum).  I’d never heard of most of them, let alone visited them as GBG entries. What does this say about life, or the GBG ?

Amongst the 2019 gems was a classic pump clip and a “Frozen” themed loo.

Hinckley Pestle & mortar 15.01.19  (31).jpg

Loads to enjoy on the blog, but here’s what you really tune in for, the lacings;

Victoria, Derby

Derby Victoria 05.01.19  (6).jpg

Station Inn, Swannington

Station Swann revisit (11).jpg

Real Ale Corner, Chesterfield

chesterfield alehouse 05.01.19 (11)

Reubens, Duffield

Duffield Kings Arms 31.12.18  (4).jpg

Railway Tavern, Shepshed

Tailway 07.02.19  (16).jpg

Bell, Coventry

Tile Hill Bell 19.02.19  (21).jpg

Some crackers there, and I only got to February 21 before “Finding Dory” came on.

All BeerMat has to do now is enter some high NBSS scores on WhatPub and get these Proper Pubs in the Guide ahead of the flat beer serving micros and we’ll be happy.


    1. Tough choices, but I will start. “Bitter Means John Smiths” for a view of how bad things can get. Top 100 Pubs – The Holly Bush for how good life can get. Company and pub. The Half Moon for what pubs are really about. Makes me want to jump on a plane. So many I could choose though. I can’t say how good the writing is on these blogs. Really makes life worth living. We all owe you guys a lot for the effort you put in. Here’s to 2020 LAFB, BRAPA, Paul Bailey, Pubcurmudgeon, Duncan and RM. The real beer writers.

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      1. Those are good picks, you know. Your memory is good.

        The Holly Bush with Simon and Mark was magical, and I wasn’t even drinking as chauffer 😕

        The Rugby Trip was a series of high points culminating in a rowdy back street boozer with great company and beer in the Half Moon.


      2. Dave,
        Is that the Holly Bush at Makeney ?
        There are a few good Holly Bushes including at Salt near me for Adnams and more famously in Hampstead.

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