With at least a day at home before the travels restart, I’m determined to bring you the best bits from my favourite blogs.

Unfortunately, that means actually reading all 237,142 words of BRAPA, so I’ll start with Pubmeister, who knows a thing about brevity.

By coincidence, 237,142 is almost exactly the number of pubs visited by Duncan in 2019.  I tried to map his travels for the year but gave up at the end of April when Malta skewed the picture.


His best line this year was,

“It’s fair to say my Sausage Surprise came as an unpleasant shock to fifty pensioners from Leeds”.  He wasn’t talking about a bratwurst flavoured DIPA.

Being very lazy, I’ve just pulled this post together from pics of pubs signs that he and I liked. Someone in America will use them in a research project.

Black Lion (random guess) Llangurig

Middleton, Llandrindod Wells

Victoria Hotel, Wandsworth (interior sign)

Red Lion, Broughton. Wherever that is.

WillaSpoons, Thorne

Roll Call, Butlock’s Heath, Hants

Nobody Inn, Doddiscombleigh

Dolphin, Thorverton, Devon

67 Kapitali, Valletta

For the rest of the year, read Duncan’s blog yourself.  The South Shields post is a classic.

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