This is embarrassing.

A post on one of the greatest nights of my life and most of the pictures are from a Chef & Brewer in Waterbeach.

Sunday saw the return of Maria McKee to live performance, 3 years after a Dublin show where Mrs RM got admonished for waving her phone in the air to “Show Me Heaven”.

More importantly, last Sunday I got to hear Maria’s first new songs for more than a decade. Were they any good ? (SPOILER : Is VAR a bad idea ?).

A short trip to Hackney via King’s Cross was derailed by my ability to put today’s date into the rail planner, so we suddenly had 50 minutes to kill in Waterbeach on a Sunday. In pitch black.

Oh, a pub

Chef & Brewer run a picture postcard diner by the Cam, but they don’t run a pub.

Christmas ? On 17 November ?

While I surveyed the Greene King (and friends) pumps,


Mrs RM tried to commandeer one of the unoccupied tables, only to be told, Arden Arms like, they were for diners we could sit at the bar.

SIT AT THE BAR !” Do we look like philistines ?

Eventually we negotiated a high table by the Christmas tree, and I plumped on this oddity.


So odd my phone camera had a panic attack. It looked like a Track collaboration, actually it’s Tapestry of Bristol.

Whatever, it was sensational, beer of the month stuff. Not that Mrs RM was swapping her Olde Trip for it.

Cool, dark, thick and foamy. No, not me.

How do Greene King do it ? Shame the “pub ” is so drear.

So valuable drinking and ticking time wasted (by me) and then the Overground between Highbury and Hackney was closed.


Aren’t replacement buses great?


MOTH club, which stands for Moth Club is actually rarely used for its original purpose of moth appreciation, being largely used for twee pop and “happenings”.

Moth fanciers

It’s one of my favourite venues, particularly when I find actual SEATS where I can plonk Mrs RM down and ply her with roasted peanuts and Five Points Pale.


Of course, if I’d not mucked up with train times you’d have reports from the Pembury on proper Five Points, but Mrs RM was happy with evil keg.


I couldn’t see a thing at the back, so I just listened.

Maria somewhere in there

An hour of completely new material in the baroque, operatic style, all of it stunning, some of it shockingly honest. The album of 2020, already. I’m never wrong you know.

We left before “Show Me Heaven”, a sop to the crowd who want the familiar.


  1. Greene King seem to have perfected the extraction of every last bit of soul and character from their food ‘pubs’. I suppose they think making them all as unique as a McDonalds is a success.

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    1. Indeed. People criticise Spoons but I find they vary a lot in terms of pubbiness.

      I’m not sure Greene King dining pubs were ever very interesting, mind (we lived near Hitchin 3 Moorhens which was truly dreadful).


  2. I was made to reflect on the Temporariness Of Things, by the fact that the Town Arms on Trent Bridge, Nottingham, is also a Brewhouse and Kitchen now.

    It was a real rough-and-ready venue for good live music in the 1970s, and a proper social centre.

    The gable end was blown down in the great storm of January 1976, which was far worse in Nottingham than the one of 1987, and I thought that the rest would probably be demolished, but it was rebuilt. You can see the added buttresses to stop it happening again too.

    That seemed to mark the end of its days as its former self though.

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