Not just the Mac’s punk’s finest moment, immortalised in the Smashing Pumpkins “1979”, but yet another example of how pubs these days go the extra mile to offer patrons enhanced restroom experiences. See also Draft House, Aberdeen.

The Roebuck in Draycott in the Clay, in the heart of Pedi/Bass land, hardly merits a post.

Flat views,

dull dining pub,

in house brewery (😱)

uncomfortable high tables,

and folk standing on ceremony.

Gone is the Pedi, replaced with cheap homebrew.

And here’s the thing. The Bitter was beautifully kept. Cool, crisp, fruity a 3.5 for the ages.

But it was so bland as to be undrinkable. Mark asked about a correlation between my NBSS and tippability.

This showed the pub in a good light, but I could only manage a half of my half before the Fleetwood Mac themed toilets called.

Go there and tell me I’m wrong. Wear a pashmina and you’ll fit in.

18 thoughts on “TUSK

  1. “…… pride and passion. Enjoy!” on the bar towel should have been a warning.
    Then on their website we’re told “It is very much a family enterprise, backed by a wealth of experience. Three generations are involved in our brewing operation, quite an achievement!”. “Three generations” disingenuously suggests several decades rather than the 28 months since July 2017.
    And that “in the heart of Pedi/Bass land”. What a farce,


    1. But many of the Camraista flock to beers like this, because it’s ‘new and exciting’. The threat to our established traditional brewers from the very people who should be supporting them is real.

      I come across home brew like this all the time – technically often competent – but often lacking any complexity, or robust flavour because it’s brewed by an unskilled amateur.


  2. You just know that Hopzester will be neither zesty nor particularly hoppy. The biggest deception in beer at the moment is the misuse of the word ‘citrus’ by brewers who want a piece of the craft action but skimp on the expensive aroma hops.

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  3. Thanks for the mention– I really shouldn’t be trying to hem you in with a “does 2.5 = tip it in the potted plant” equation, but such is my nature.

    At the risk of encroaching on Russ’s territory, I can’t resist saying that “enhanced restroom experiences” is perhaps suggestive of things you didn’t intend. 😉

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