Will he stop banging on about Doom Bar ?” I hear you moan.

Well, no. Having confirmed it can be a tremendous beer three times now, I feel compelled to test that hypothesis for you at every opportunity. Particularly when it’s £1.69 a pint.

Actually, £1.49 with my token in Huntingdon Spoons, which suggests some sort of existing discount restricting my CAMRA rights, which I’m furious about.

But look at it.

So unloved, so loveable

It was above average for Spoons, in an above average Spoons that entered the GBG 3 years after my opening day visit.


How the A14 will look next year
Less frenetic than when Cromwell opened it in 2016

So it’s taken a while to improve beer I called “soapy” back in 2016, and credit for that ought to go to the staff.

Standard line-up

I don’t know if it was the manager who served me, but if not she should be. A cheerier advert for cask and Timbo I’ve rarely met.

“Ooh, good choice my lovely” My lovely ? Stick your “duck” !

“I’m not sure about that JHB. Have a taste and let me know”

“You can finish it off if you want”

What a star !” as I took my own beermat from the pack on the bar.

“Enjoy that !”

“Score us NBSS 5 !”

Actually, she was everything the lady in my previous post wasn’t.

Still no idea about the football sticker, though.



  1. So much happiness in this one. Makes me wish I could go get a pint of Doom Bar somewhere. I reckon that woman is in the “top ten RetiredMartin pub staff of all time” (though admittedly you’ve encountered an awful lot of great ones)

    I feel confident that “So Unloved, So Loveable” is the name of an obscure Morrissey B-side.

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