Station clock one hour fast

The plan was good.

Meet Quosh in Stalyvegas for a quick half in the Crafty Pint (or was it a crafty pint in the Quick Half) and be back at my hotel (well, Oldham Travelodge) nice and early to catch up with the blog.

Actually had to take the No.237 from Ashton as train cancelled

But I’m not a ticking professional like Pubmeister, and I get easily distracted by shiny things.

Like the Stalybridge Buffet Bar, where Quosh was already a pint to the wind when I actually arrived when I said I would, just like Phileas Fogg.

Mammoth pub crawl walk

Now we all know the Buffet Bar is famous as a stop on the vomit party express between Manchester and Huddersfield, but I was taken aback at just how packed it was.

Scary queue for spare seats

Too busy for me, so we just shared a pint of Landlord that was of good quality but seemed a dull, unadventurous choice, which made me feel pleased with myself.


I promise I’ll pop back soon and do the Buffet blog justice; it really looked magical.

So did the Crafty Pint, to be fair, but then even a micro looks inviting in Winter.

Steaming up

Now, I should have done this on my previous trip out east, but it doesn’t appear on the GBG App map. It really doesn’t.


Blame Bridge Beers, which is next door and stopping the Crafty getting its own red marker. I should ask your prospective MP what they’re going to do about it.

I can only remember three things about the Crafty Pint.

1) The Fyne Avalanche was a cracker. NBSS 3.5 material. NB He did top it up.

Head on the beer

2) Quosh (who like Chris Dyson and Matthew Lawrenson knows everyone) introducing me to an actual Icicle Work.

Pop royalty. And Quosh.

I remembered Mark “The Rev” Revell from the Permanent Damage era, and here he is with Ian McNabb in Stalybridge’s finest music venue (not Legendz). It was great to meet Mark, a true legend of the local scene and proper gent.

3) Quosh’s jacket. Here’s a close-up of Quosh’s expensive jacket and highly collectable Frank button.


“Where now ?” said Quosh, who really is incorrigible.

Well, I had Spoons vouchers, like.

Strangely inviting

I dropped my mobile phone on that street 7 years ago and still hold it against Spoons, but Mrs RM was desparate to buy a new one and offload her old one so it ended well.

Spoons was heaving, but Quosh “knew someone” who let us share his viewing platform table.

Interesting, and unique,carpet pattern

I can’t even remember what beer I had, let alone how witty Quosh was, which he asked me to make a note of in the blog. A shame,as it was pint of the night.

I did notice how in the 20 minutes we were there the table opposite transformed from a group of typical Manchester Beer Festival goers to trendy crafties.



That’s why I love Spoons, you know.

Quosh conceded defeat; he had Halifax to conquer on the Saturday.

On the way back to the station we admired the sights.


Northern town

Sadly, the lady in front of me was unable to operate the ticket machine and I missed the train back to Victoria, necessitating a quick pint in the one Staly GBG pub I haven’t mentioned.

Epic fail, as kids said in 2006.
Resist/don’t resist

Stalyvegas may be looking a bit dishevelled round the edges, but the pubs were inviting, busy and all human (and otherwise) life was there.

The case for Bradfield

The White House was wonderful, that rare sense of being welcoming to all, and the pint of Farmers set me up perfectly for an epic crispy beef and Singapore rice back in Chadderton.


Sadly, the Toby Carvery opposite had just called time, denying me the chance to sample their Proper Beer Range.



  1. I’ve heard that t’other Mudgie’s direct train to the Stalybridge Buffet has been put back 24 hours to 9.45am on the Saturday.
    That’s probably for him getting to Codsall Station on a Friday morning.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “let alone how witty Quosh was” –Ha! I think we should all agree he made Oscar Wilde seem like a slack-jawed neanderthal by comparison.

    In a funny way, I think the lady at the ticket machine is the unsung hero of this particular post, as when we readers saw the “Quosh conceded defeat” line we all thought, “Ah well, that’s the end of it.” But you had more rounds yet to make!


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