A few dull ones in Norfolk, now.  Perhaps.

I’d promised Curry Charles a night in Gorleston to help me complete the GBG here, but frankly accommodation, let alone curry, options were a little threadbare so I’m taking him to Leicester on Sunday.  I believe there is curry there.

Gorleston was doable by train, and with a quick walk into the Acle strait I could do the Ferry at Stokesby as well without having to go on a boat.



River, boats, flat

I’m not fan of the Norfolk Broads, you’ll be astonished to know.  Everything is so slow and flat and polite.

Welcoming committee. Will hiss when BRAPA arrives.

But I’ll say this; the few GBG entries in the Broads have better beer than the garbage (often homebrew) on the posher North Norfolk coast.

By the Bure

WhatPub describes it as a gem of a pub, which makes you wonder why it’s taken 25 years (at least) to make the Guide.

No takers in the garden, despite excellent pot plants

Yes, it’s all set for Sunday lunch.

Find banter here, BRAPA

And yes, inspirational writings on walls are the work of the Devil.

Nice fire, though

But look. LOOK.

Just as promised by WhatPub, one beer in Winter.  One beer that you’ve heard of.

They’re listening to me at last

I can’t say it was very pubby, but at least I got a seat, and that lone Adnams Bitter (make a note of that name, it’ll be significant later) was a cool, rich, complex 3.5.

The rain ceased, as it always does when I turn up, and I felt at peace with the Broads.

Oddly, all my notes say are “JIG v VM SHEIK”.  What can it mean ?





      1. 1920s New Years Eve Party ?
        No, we’ve been invited next door and she’s always got plenty of beer in that she’s brought over from Germany.

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      1. Dave,
        I’d just say “A pit of Bitter please” as it’s one of my favourite beers and the Ghost Ship is too citrusy for me.


      2. in a pub in East Anglia, even if it was an Adnams pub with their full range of cask on bitter,broadside,ghost ship & old at the moment, if I wanted the bitter, Id still just say, pint o adnams, and Id get given the right beer 🙂

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  1. Gads, that inspirational writing on wall is probably the worst example I’ve seen yet, and that’s saying something! Imagine wanting to even write that on a chalk board, let alone paint it permanently onto the wall.

    Had a good laugh at the captions: “Find banter here, BRAPA” and “they’re listening to me at last.” I mean, the pubs of England could do worse that follow the directives of RetiredMartin. There’d be Pipers crisps all over the place, for starters…

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    1. Well said, Mark.

      I’m sure the multinational pub chains start each Monday by reading our blogs and deciding how to improve their places.

      “Take ALL the handpumps out
      “Crispy shredded beef as bar snacks”
      “A portaloo half a mile from the pub door in case BRAPA gets caught short”

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  2. Fully agree with quotes/words on walls -saw one in Porthleven recently -a little sign to hang up at a ridiculous price ” Sandy toes & salty kisses (what ! ) at Porthleven ” Pass me a bucket ! Must admit to a few wall hangings at home which some folk may consider naff -Louis Wain cats & other animal related paintings.Sadly they will most likely end up in charity shop in due course


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