Two posts to go to get shot of Norfolk for another year, the first of them the inevitable Broads gastro.  At least there’s nothing near that Dereham hell-hole this time.

The worst thing about the Broads is finding something to rhyme with the Bowie line that you’re legally obliged to reference.

So here, relatively straight, is The Lion in Thurne, which even people living in Acle have never heard of.

Your Broads
Your authentic Broads pub

In my most generous mood, I will admit the little cut off the River Thurne looks rather gorgeous in the sun, at least until the scarf and Barbour crowd finished their soujourn all the way to the windmill and back.

I know the whole point of the Broads is that folk do absolutely nothing, but how has that ever been considered a holiday ?


The yellow is where marker pen leaked into the Broads

The Lion was ticking over, as a few townies contemplated their options before dinner was served at 7pm (drink, basically).

Lots of pastel colours, lots of gin, and the first keg wall seen outside central Norwich.  Has it come to this. that pubs believe that a wall of taps dispensing Adnams, Sheps and Estrella make you “crafty”.

All your keg favourites
Standard keg bitters

With Estrella the drink of choice, I feared for the cask.   And why no Lacons in a pub with Lacons livery ?

Nice line-up, albeit 3 too many

But, as so often, the dullest pub produces the best cask, and the great pub often disappoints.  You might even say a “Cask lottery“, eh ?

I went for the Grain, just so Citra could say “Should have gone for Citra”, all Citra-like.  It was gorgeous (NBSS 3.5+), as I hope my filter-enhanced photo shows.


Apart from my involuntary “Mmmm”, nothing happened.



      1. BITE would appear to be another Marie Celeste from an admin point of view, but there does seem to have been a marked revival by reviewers of late. There even appears to be some sort of algorithm for adding new pubs, and some kind souls do this, but the site is very out-of-date re closures, name changes and so on. A number of functionalities simply don’t work any more either.

        I gather that the owner is rather more into sites on cruise ships, having dallied with crypto currencies – just in time for the crash.

        At least he stopped the floods of spam, though.

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    1. I mustn’t put words into Martin’s mouth, but maybe because it’s part of Norfolk?

      I have a soft spot for it. For a succession of Januaries, I was working near Great Yarmouth, and so I did B&B in Blundestone. The Plough became an adopted local for me (yes, I know, it’s in Suffolk, just).

      There’s something about the depths of winter in that spacious part of the world, which makes it quite memorable, and I recall those days fondly.

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      1. Etu, we’ll ignore Martin’s disparaging dismissal, even if it is his blog! I know exactly what you mean about Norfolk in the depths of winter, having been a regular visitor to the county, whilst looking in on my parents in their twilight years.

        There’s something about the bleak landscape and those big skies which is quite evocative, particularity when huddled in front of a log fire, in an atmospheric pub, whilst the icy wind, straight from the Russian Steppes, rattles the panes as it howls mercilessly outside.

        My wife, on the other hand, hates the place, so Martin is not alone in his condemnation of the county.

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  1. it depends how you pronounce Ibiza I guess, from amnesia to the Norfolk Broads 😉

    must be unique as a pub on the broads not to serve Woodfordes though, and such an odd mix of craft keg and cask, which is a worry in a broads pub which isnt well known of outside of providing boat moorings during the holiday season as locally theres not much round there, and the trade in the winter is usually what makes or breaks a pub on the broads, do they get enough to sell 3 casks ? and I doubt they shift much Broadside


  2. “Your Broads”

    Over here they’re just as expensive to maintain, but they’re more of the ‘two-legged and blonde’ variety. 😉

    “but how has that ever been considered a holiday ?”

    Not that I’m fond of it either but *cough* beach resorts where you bake on the sand all bloody day.

    “The yellow is where marker pen leaked into the Broads”

    You use yellow? (gasp!)

    “All your keg favourites”

    What the bloody hell is espresso martini?

    “You might even say a “Cask lottery“, eh ?”

    (slow golf clap)

    “Apart from my involuntary “Mmmm”, nothing happened.”

    Kind of like the holidays one takes there. 😉



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