Next stop, Newtonmore, geographical centre of Scotland, which is just weird.


If you want to go there right now, there’s bargains to be had.

Only 4 changes

There must be a thousand villages bigger than Newtonmore in England that don’t have a railway station, but I guess Potton doesn’t have is a setting by the Cairngorms and shops with fonts like Toshac’s Tuck Shop.

Actual Curry House for Dick and Dave

The main street is wide and weird, with much to entertain fans of tweed and plush and slightly off-kilter sculpture.

Steiff who ?
Big gnome

It’s a very low key version of the pretend activity centre that is Aviemore up the road, but there’s plenty of easy walks from the cafe to exciting place called Milton of Nuide and “Aqua Theatre”.

All your favourites

I couldn’t wait till Aviemore; I was dying for a comfort partner, as they say in Dunblane.

Lucky the Glen Hotel is 5 minutes uncomfortable jog from the station, eh ?

Not baronial then

Seasoned tickers will know the scenario well.

You tip up, desperate for the Gents. Do you buy your half/pint/schooner first, or nip straight to the loos, inevitably the wrong one, with the Landlord shouting “Toilets for customers only ye Sassenach“.

I hop at the bar for 30 seconds waiting for signs of life.

Still Life In Newtonmore

IF YOU’RE WANTING THE LITTLE BOYS ROOM IT’S THRU THERE” booms a friendly voice from the kitchen.

Thanks for that.

The food he’s bringing out to a couple of young Pretend Walkers looks good, so I order one of their specials, probably haggis, before I remember it’s well past 2pm and I’ve missed it.

At least my company is good

At least his beer, called Wooha Summit Smash and a favourite of walkers who make it here from the Co-op at the top of the street, was very good (NBSS 3+). Not my first Wooha, as Duncan will attest.

Nothing happens, even the WiFi, but there’s a wide choice of reading material.

Wot no Cairngorm Courier ?
Nice carpet

Planning ahead, I make a mental note.


But with half an hour till the No.32, what is there to do apart from excellent coffee and carrot cake at a café called Antlers ?

Great cake

Music was Night Time by Master Peace, which at least proved 2019 punk rap has reached the Highlands.

I suddenly couldn’t wait to get home and start pinking in page 291 of my Navigator.


23 thoughts on “THE LITTLE BOYS ROOM

      1. You perhaps wouldn’t get many customers in Liverpool for your pub, if you had the Sun, Express etc. on display. Interesting choice for Scotland too, I’d have thought.

        Liked by 2 people

      1. Well the Morning Star does share TM’s view of a certain issue (and has excellent coverage of women’s football). Can’t think of much else they might have in common though.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. And we have wasps to thank for that.
        Long ago a Chinese man got the idea after he observed how wasps make their nests from pulped paper.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I love that purpose-built “Daily Papers” rack on the wall. Is that common sight in pubs? Or did it used to be, in decades past? I think in America I’d more likely see such a thing in an old fashioned barber shop than in a drinking establishment.


    1. Papers in pubs used to be occasionally seen (more so hotels), but seems to be less so nowadays. Possibly more frequently to be seen in coffee shops these days (or garden centres for literate pensioners). But then again papers are rapidly disappearing.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I think papers in pubs are more common than in the past.
        Quite often I peruse the Daily Mirror in the Metropolitan Bar a ten minute walk from me.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. I think you’d more likely see it in barbers here, Mark. Say, our countries have so much in common, maybe we should merge 😉

      No, uncommon in pubs which I guess is why I took the photos. A pile of local magazines is more usual.

      Liked by 1 person

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