I’d been looking forward to Aviemore since I decided to swap Orkney ticking for the Cairngorms.  EVERYONE has heard of Aviemore; it’s the best-known place in Scottish after Paisley, Edinburgh, Berwick and Carluke.

Sluggangranish my favourite place name

This is the Cheddar Gorge or Windermere of the North.  A long parade of bakeries and hiking booteries (?) awaits you, and you will be, like me, the ONLY person not kitted out to pretend to climb a mountain.

All your favourite outdoor wear shops

Wiki has almost nothing to say about Aviemore, and neither have I.  I popped in Tesco to fill up on water and aspirin for the night ahead in Inverness, and breezed past the incredibly slow Londoners walking to nowhere.

Ah, two GBG pubs, what joy.

Weird font

The WhatPub premises description for the Old Bridge, down by the canoes, simply says “Gastropub fare”.

Gastropub fare

My description would be “kennel”, as literally every group that came in brought a canine to the fray.  One pooch blocked my way the Gents, which as you’ll know is never a good idea.  I found myself applauding the Sam Smiths dog ban as I made notes on my phone (hypocrite alert).

Three local beers, and one that would have been fashionable 20 years ago.

Trade Winds

The Cairngorms, delivered by husky from up the road, was good, and the pub was doing a lot right;the place was heaving at 4pm.  Sadly the cacophony meant that my “What’s That Song Called” app couldn’t identify “Duncan Where’s Your Troosers”.

So noisy

I moved to the attractive smoking area, and nearly hid in the canoe, but would have got stuck.

Proper seating (not the canoe)

There was a bar called Skiing Do (Doo Below), but luckily my other GBG tick had the much more pubby name of Winking Owl, named after one of the character in the Richard Harris film “A Man Called Horse” which was filmed here.

Pretty setting

In shades of Blair Atholl, I found myself at the wrong bar helplessly looking for service; it’s the Bothy Bar you need, Si.

With one or two exceptions, the families here were all about 15 years younger than at the Bridge, feeling very pleased with themselves to be cooped up in a ski chalet of a bar.  There’s one of those in Macclesfield I can recommend.

Great but unnecessary padded jacket

It’s well-executed, the Trade Winds was tasty (NBSS 3) and there was good cheer, but like the Hawkshead Tap it’s not to my taste.  Leave it at that.

I had a dilemma at the pumps.


Now, who one earth would come to a renowned Highlands brewery tap and ask for Pedigree ?

Don’t answer that.


6 thoughts on “AVIEMORE-OR-LESS

  1. You’ll be pleased to know that I Googled “Duncan where’s your troosers” and, clever software, it still got me to the original novelty song, which of course I listened to start to finish, smiling at the Presley parody bit.

    Now this comment seems almost designed to prompt a question from me, and you know I need very little prompting: “There’s one of those in Macclesfield I can recommend.” –Pray tell, which Macclesfield location is like a ski chalet? 🙂

    By a funny coincidence, there was a liquor store not far from the neighborhood where I grew up (in Detroit) called “Trade Winds.”

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  2. I’d forgotten that Winking Owl but it was 1977 I was there, on bottled Guinness as it was a keg Allied Breweries pub if I remember correctly.

    Liked by 1 person

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