Back to a Proper Pub, not just Proper Football for my 4th tick in GBG20.

The first month of a new GBG sees me heading out for the Great Home Counties Clearances; Cambs, Herts, Beds, Essex and Bucks.

In 2019 you expect all the new entries to be called things like “Millies @ No.37” or “BrewTapShedHuis” or “Go Away BRAPA”.

But, let joy be unconfined, there seems to be plenty of actual pubs called the George & Dragon still around.


Irritatingly, I even mentioned this one when I gave you that Potton Complete post recently.

Did I go in ?

I’m not even certain I didn’t pop in during the 2017 steam fair. How I wish my notes were as complete and intelligble as Simon’s.

Beer 6d cheaper

The Public bar looks ever so familiar, but once upon a time all pubs were like this.

Lads at the bar, pool table in the middle,


cricket on the big screen and a Benskins ashtray requisitioned as a depository for darts flights.


I’mignored by the locals but given a cheery welcome by the barmaid, who may be more thrilled by the GBG entry than her regulars.


£3.60 for an IPA of milky smoothness I’d score 3.6 if I could, but the pub dog licked me so I have to downgrade that to a 3.5.  Fair’s fair.

The barmaid, who will win BRAPA awards, brings Terry his jug of IPA.

But is it really any different

I love this place.  Lads at the bar, Old Boys in the proper seat sipping IPA and watching  Jason Roy fail again.

Peaceful in Potton.



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