There’s an amazing thing about the new Beer Guide, genuinely extraordinary if you’re a GBG nerd.

Here’s a little extract from The Big Spreadsheet showing my progress by GBG chapter.


For the first time ever, ever, I’d completed a chapter on Day 1, without lifting a finger.

And it was Central London. Yes, the ever-changing centre of our capital city failed to produce a single new entry for me (OK, I’d pre-emptively done the St Mary Axe Craft Beer Co. with the Tand and E, but still).

Actually, the same entries pop up between WC1 and EC1 and W1 year after year, which is a little disappointing for those of us who enjoy the ritual of a working week day spent ticking new pubs in the City.

Still, Saturday afternoon saw a rare day out drinking proper beer in proper pubs with Mrs RM.


A couple in sunny Borough before our gig at the Southbank Centre, and a chance to admire this quirky little art work.

What can it mean ?
The South Bank

First up, the Libertine feels more Elephant & Castle than Borough Market, the local for some proper South London housing.

Proper London
Proper corner pubs

For all the Northern joking about warm London beer, the capital does the corner pub like the Libertine as well as anyone.

Many London pubs have seem to appeal to a very narrow demographic. But in the Libertine we get the young pros playing some incomprehensible game, very seriously.

Is it Dungeons & Dragons ?

And the Blokes at the bar, aware of an England match on (silently) but totally ignoring it.

“That ‘arry Kane diving again?”

They were far more interested in the drinking escapades of the absent.

He was very pissed when he started on the doubles. It was only half past two”

We’ve all been there.

There were also what I can only describe as normal people, which will no doubt disappoint Simon. For them, a soundtrack of unpretentious ’60s soul. “Normal” and “unpretentious”; never going to work, is it  ?

But was the beer any good ?

Foamy head

Yes, it was tremendous.  Something Citrusy from Brockley was so good that Mrs RM made me drink the Camden Hells I’d assumed she’d prefer, but didn’t.

Even the pizza was unpretentious and tasty.

I cannot lie.  It was a mini London classic, the sort of local like the Kingston or Alexandra you get off Mill Road in Cambridge.

Could this love for London last ?



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