You’re getting a lot of photos now that I’ve learnt how to take the Huawei mark off the bottom, and also because I know how much you love pictures of blokes in shorts at the bar.

And I was learning to love Teignmouth a bit as I walked back to town from Sheldon.

Blue Anchor

Floral but unfussy,

Must be palm trees somewhere

sand banks and sailing boats,

View to the Salty

and some high class entertainment in some earthy pubs.

Stripper is the strong house beer they put on every Friday night
Calm down it’s keg

Next to the iconic Eign Brewery Inn is the premier ale pub in town.

Oooh, Palmers delivery

That’s my take on the Blue Anchor, anyway.

I like the fact that the bar hits you as soon as you enter the door, a bit like the Waters Green Tavern in Macc.

Hard to miss

Look right and you see bench seating, beer mats and a fish tank.  All you need really.

It’s a bit sparse, a bit ’70s, and I know Mrs RM would say it has “a man’s touch”. Ouch.

Shall we call the fish Simey ?
More abandoned hats

Back at the bar, a group of mates are going “Oooh” and “Ahh” and asking the barman questions about defunct breweries.

Bass ?  Never heard of it.

I go for Half Bore because the bloke in front does.  Cool, chewy, NBSS 3+.

At the bar, a chap returns from the funeral of someone everyone knows. I bet the Blue Anchor does a great wake.

Not my favourite scratchings

Dick and Dave would love this little haven of peace and proper beer. At least until I put Kangaroo Airforce Ventilator on the jukebox.




    1. Dave,
      “Trainable” and it’s a spectacular line from Exeter through Dawlish Warren.
      You can see more of Teignmouth in ‘Press for Time’, a 1966 British comedy film starring Norman Wisdom


      1. Laughter was provoked among the English MEPs in the European Union’s Parliament, when “l’industrie laitière était sauvée par la sagesse Normande” was rendered by the translators as “the dairy industry was saved by Norman wisdom”

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  1. Yup.
    That’s one of them I used to pop into.
    Teignmouth has the feel of one of those end of the line places like Barmouth.
    Or Morecambe.
    But it’s deceiving.
    There’s money about and not at all rundown.
    Old school seaside.

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    1. P P-T,
      Barmouth.and Morecambe aren’t “end of the line places” but they might seem like it as most of us wouldn’t want to carry on to Pwhelli or Heysham, although the Abbot was drinking well in Tim’s Pen Cob across the road from Pwllheli railway station last Wednesday lunchtime. .

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      1. I was chatting to a well-informed local in Newtown’s Railway over Bass (ah, the Bass) on Tuesday and he confirmed the Spoons in Pwhelli is one of their best, and Aber their worst.


      1. “Nothing new in the Guide for some time” is a sure sign that Mac is “one of our best small pub towns” – that’s the Cheshire Mac not the Welsh one where we were drinking last Tuesday evening.

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      2. Has anyone else noticed parallels between England and Wales ?
        Aberystwyth is Wales’s Scarborough – seaside at the end of the line
        Machynlleth is Wales’s Macclesfield – plenty of pubs in ‘Mac’
        Newtown is Wales’s Milton Keynes
        Welshpool is Wales’s Poole
        Shrewsbury remains the capital of Wales as the one place that can reasonably be reached within a day from anywhere in the principality.

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      3. That does look like our kind of place.

        Paul is correct, we are heading to Macclesfield in October. It has been included in plans before but somehow we have not made it there. This time for sure.

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      4. “you’ll still find pints under £3” – yes, like our Banks’s Bitter at £2.35 in the Skinners Arms, Machynlleth on Tuesday and the pints of Holdens at £2.75 in the Great Western on my way home.

        “Stockport has gone upmarket” is another way of saying that Holts have closed Winters. .

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      5. When I lived in Macclesfield from nineteen eighty-three to nineteen eighty-nine, it used to be local folklore that there was a pub for every twenty-nine houses.

        I wonder if everyone was expected to stick to their own?


  2. Many years ago I invented (in my head) a great toilet game, whereby there was a mini waterwheel in the urinal that clocked-up on an LED display a figure based on speed and duration (and possibly a standing fee before travel ala taxi travel). I was going to call it ‘Prostate Pandanonium’ or some-such. Disappointing to see the idea has been developed in such a dull way…


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