A bit of tourism for you now, as I make the dangerous and epic journey across the Teign to Shaldon Conservative Club.

Micropub on the Salty to follow

I really couldn’t have picked a better week to do the Devon Dozen (actually nine, but do what); a gorgeous sunny day with enough gentlefolk visitors to keep the pumps ticking over.

That’s nonsense, of course; they were all drinking coffee in the Spoons.

I thought The Brass Monkey would give me an early Tribute, but it’s not yet legal to drink beer from the barrel while it’s still on the brewery van.

Later, later

So I headed through town for the ferry to the village Shaldon, which sounded remote and mysterious.

On my only previous visit on a scorcher in ’98 I’d stopped here to buy some apples.  Sadly that greengrocer had long gone, probably replaced by an artisan deli.  Who needs fruit when you’ve got quiche ?

Typical hotel
The floral bit

While walking I noted down “More Filey than Southwold” which is more a comment on the pier than the beach.

Non-artisan pier

I’m always a bit perplexed by the seaside.  I can’t sit still for five minutes, so what are you supposed to do apart from get sunburnt and eat chips ?

The biggest excitement is when I get to kick a football back to two lads who shout “Thanks mister” in that delightfully polite way that adolescence will knock out of them.

But the views down by the ferry are a picture,


and the ancient little boat across to Shildon sticks to the knitting and avoids playing sentimental tunes or boring you with history.

Space for a bar on board though

Tiny streets too small for cars lead to the Conservative Club, which taunts me with a Bass sign but is clearly only in the Guide due to “guest ales”

Fake Bass advertising again
Euchre hotspot
Reel real ale

Are you a member ?”  says the young steward.

I haven’t been asked that in a GBG club for a while.  I flash my gold card.

Fine, have to ask”

Can’t have any old Tom, Dick and Harry coming off the streets enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the Cons Club, can we ?

All happening

Still, £2.60 a pint of tasty but not super-cool Teignworthy, “Embarrassment” by Madness, and a picture of Theresa May in the ladies a tick.

I walked back over the bridge, can’t afford to waste another £1.30 on boats, can I ?


14 thoughts on “FERRY, CROSS THE TEIGN TO THE C.C.

      1. Shocking. Incidentally Martin, I thought that I’d just mention – for the benefit of your non-CAMRA readers – that the Shaldon CC accepts CAMRA members as well as Conservative Party ones and their guests, according to WhatPub. Oh, and the membership card for the latter isn’t gold 😉


  1. Really loved this line: “in that delightfully polite way that adolescence will knock out of them.” –Bill Bryson would read that and think, “Ooh, that’s a good one.”

    Also had a good laugh at your description of the “vibrant atmosphere” followed by that photo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Funny thing is, I reckon children and young people are generally a delight. Four young cyclists said “thanks”, “cheers bro” etc as I stepped aside to let me pass on the Taff canal yesterday. Their parents, not a word.

      Liked by 1 person

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