Last up in Teignmouth was the “community” pub.

Every proper small town has a place like the Brass Monkey, along with the “beer” pub like the Anchor and a Conservative Club playing Madness hits.


And a Spoons with palm trees on the roof top, of course.

It is quite jolly

The Jolie was well named, and heaving, and I had to sit on of those high tables against the wall next to a charging point, which was useful.

All human life (between the age off 55 and 85) is here

The ideal photo opportunity presented itself, but sadly the flat whites were fine.

Cask ale range

The “Friday Fish & Chips Club” called.  But you can’t visit the seaside and eat in Wetherspoons.

Far more traditional to find “Spicy Pork Rice” from a noodles hut on the beach.

Note lady chopping vegetables
NTSS 3.5

£6 for a hot steaming plate of Thai goodness, half what you’ll pay in Totnes.

Suddenly I only had 22 minutes to get back to the station AND grab a beer in the Monkey.

Still time to note that Teignmouth is pleasantly pedestrianised, and just quirky enough to not be Felixstowe (sorry Felixstowe)

Nice mix of shops
11th Century mosaics
Music Matthew Lawrenson will have heard of

Anyway, eight minutes to do the pub now.

Does what it says on the wall

I’d left the Monkey till the end in the hope that it would get a bit of mid-afternoon atmosphere, but I entered to find just one other Old Boy (am I an Old Boy ?, don’t answer that).

Note electronic jukebox

Eagle-eyed readers will note the electronic jukebox display replaces the electronic beer display here.

Just Tribute on the pumps, so it should be good.


It was OK, and I don’t mean anything by that than it was OK.  But when you get a single-pump pub in the Guide you sometimes expect magic, I suppose.

But a Proper Pub, lots of banter at the bar, and the next song up on the jukebox was this rarely heard “classic“, in the way that every passable dance/funk ’80s hit is “classic” these days. At least it wasn’t “Sit and Wait“.


But never mind all that, what did you find in the Gents, retiredmartin ?

I thought you’d never ask.

Christmas. Irish. England. Valentines


  1. How many willykits do you think are made? Love the pedestrian street. I also noticed the malt place does what look to be interesting tours. Between that and the pubs…

    Liked by 1 person

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