Just to prove I’m not that obvious, this one isn’t called Breakfast In America.

Day 2 dawned, the breakfast bar opened at 7am, and we quickly realised that this was to be the weakest aspect of The Brooklyn’s offer (the rooms were great, i.e. the WiFi was).

Stale coffee, Do-It-Yourself waffles in the shape of America, scrambled eggs and potatoes or salamis, and whatever these are;

6,287 calories in that jar alone

American condiments, heh ?


All eaten with flimsy plastic cutlery. Still, it was “free“.

We had seven days in New York to tick all the things that the Rough Guide said we had to tick.  You know how Mrs RM and I do what we’re told by books.

New York 4

Just as the must-see attraction in London these days is a simple bridge over the Thames decorated with plants,

Image result for london garden bridge
London Garden Bridge

so in New York we head for the High Line, a wondrous section of old railroad track in Chelsea (not the one owned by Russian billionaires).


But before all that (1.45 mile) walking, we head into Chelsea Market to look at food we don’t need and can’t afford.  So posh it makes London’s Borough look like Rotherham W.I. running a pop-up tea shop in Wombwell.

They sell live urchins.  Live !

Don’t look you can’t even afford the shell

Even that crab leg joint had a flashy beer range.

Note “craft sake”, the next beer trend

The boys wanted to go off and explore the healthy options, so Mrs RM investigated a place specialising in olive oil, vinegar and craft beer.

Don’t knock them over, Mrs RM

I suppose in some Scottish pubs vinegar and cask beer are interchangeable, but still a novel concept.

Go on, have a beer !” said Mrs RM.  #27yearsofbullying.

Well, it was 10.48am by now.  Stafford Paul would be 3 pints up by now.

No Bass

How joyous to see a “Sorry, no samples” sign, by the way.

16 ounces (80% of a pint) is practically a sampler anyway.  I reckon the Five Boroughs Hazy IPA served in a plastic glass will have cost me £8 by the time taxes and Lloyds Bank conversion charge are added on.  Still cheaper than Port Street.

Tastes like Brew Dog” says Mrs RM.  It tasted like Hazy Jane.

On to the High Line, the one place in New York where you can avoid craft beer and tipping.  Loads to see and it smelt great.

We were impressed by the parking skills of New Yorkers,

How did I get here

and the art.

Is that Boris ?
W 30th St

But a mile and a half in 30 degree heat and you’re ready for noodles.

Luckily for Mrs RM, this proper looking bar on 10th has been closed for 30 years.

Joe’s – see here  

We ate very well in New York.  Chop Stop was the best of the lot, simple and classy, despite the unprepossessing exterior. About £60 for four.

Our favourite

Tummies full of Pad Thai we ambled up to Times Square to see the famous Green Giant advert.

Don’t Walk Paul

For a fan of tall, weird buildings, this was a bit of heaven.

Contours !

Mrs RM just wanted a cheap ticket to Broadway. But a 90 minute queue to buy a $200 ticket for Frozen soon lost its appeal and Starbucks called.

Even Starbucks have gone craft.







      1. Good move, Paul. A trip to NY and you may experience lights out. RM missed the excitement.


      2. A bit further than “Isle of Man x 5, Isle of Wight x 5”.
        A quick perusal of my diaries shows it as eleven, not ten, overseas trips as follows ;
        1 Ship August 1959 Switzerland
        2 Ship Jul – Aug 1963 Germany
        3 Ship August 1966 Belgium, France
        4 Ship August 1969 France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany
        5 Ship March 1975 Netherlands
        6 Ship November 1979 Ireland
        7 Ship January 1981 Isle of Man
        8 Plane August 1988 Isle of Man
        9 Train May 2008 Switzerland
        10 Ship April 2010 Isle of Man
        11 Train September 2016 France
        Add the Isle of Wight and Scilly isles and that eleven is up to fifteen.


      3. P P-T,
        I can’t find my diary from 1955 to early 1959, the one that starts “I don’t think much of this milk”.


      1. If you forget all those new-fangled ones it’s much easier now that the hundred is down to thirty most of which rather than properly local are carted all around the country.
        I think I only missed two of the thirty last year, Batemans being one.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I’ve never been to the High Line; sounds like I should give it a look next time I’m in NYC.

    Sorry you were subjected to the horrors of a subpar American hotel breakfast. When they’re bad, they’re very very bad, and you find yourself settling on the least awful option out of the 10 awful options they’ve made available.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d say the High Line is essential. Need only take a half hour chunk to appreciate the sights, smells and art.

      The problem with a free breakfast of stodge is that you feel almost obliged.

      If they charged and it was good you’d alternate between eating in and popping to one of the many cafes in Nostrand.

      The breakfast at Days Inn at JFK on the last night was just as simple but far better

      Liked by 1 person

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