Yes, BrewDog. You can’t avoid them in Scotland, even in small cities like Perth. You’re probably safe in Stranraer if you’re a hater.

Two pubs in to my Perth Perambulation, I walked along the Tay, scouring Google for a hipster cafe for lunch.

I couldn’t find any of those coffee houses. Not surprising as they were 9,434 miles away.

But then I passed the Spoons.

Capital Asset

I really should have had a pint here. It’s only recently been GBG and is bound to be back next year to spite me.

Ugh, Purity.

But it was packed. It was dull. And I was saving my precious vouchers for the forest of Spoons along the coast.

Instead I headed for the Dog.

Past some pleasing architecture that rather outshone Dumfries.

The BrewDog won’t be making the Heritage List this century, but any sign saying “craft beer and pizza” should be Grade II listed.

This one was packed with BD AGM attendees, nearly all wearing the regulation T-shirt. Mostly drinking the Mikkeller, mind . Traitors.

Actually a beer called Beer Geek

Cask diehards look away now. My second Hazy Jane in two days was again superb, the pizza filling. If Mrs RM had come with he she could have had one free.

Murkier than the Edinburgh one

A few yards towards the High Street, the Ship my only previous Perth tick, still draws you in. Until you see what Greene King have done inside 😢

One pub left, a mile to the east.

I stopped once, to admire the abandoned shoe.

Police car in attendance

Perhaps the owner of that shoe had been Taken?

The small child with hipster hat, last seen on Doctor Who in 2006, looked very guilty.

4 thoughts on “HAZY JANE

  1. I’ve always found that those opaque “orange juice” looking beers are actually more easy drinking, for me, than the super hoppy American IPAs, even when their ABV is higher. Not sure if that would apply to the one you’ve photographed here.

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