One last pub in Perth before I could join the queue for goody bags and “Say No To Craft” badges back in Dundee.

A fairly hefty walk to the Cherrybank, the one I’d been looking forward to most.

55 minutes to mere mortals, of course

Always best to alternate your pints of keg with caffeine of course, so I stopped in Blend for a “Top 3 Coffee In An Independent” Flat White. Nothing lukewarm here.

Really great welcome and coffee

You’ll be wondering how I resisted the Abbotsford, I guess.  Domino enthusiasts, Tennents, that rugby symbol on WhatPub.  One of those put me off.

Looks a classic

Western Perth has some sturdily attractive housing that would fetch a fortune in the Home Counties.

Nice hedge

But not many pubs till you reach the Cherrybank.

What came first.  Pub or garage ?

I enter the public, rather than the larger lounge/diner with views to the woods.

So I get Old Boys at the bar (shy ones)and a little warren of rooms.  I win.

Train goes at 15:39 so hope that clock is right

A nice simple beer board (till my shaky photo spoilt it) with ales you’ve heard of.

That BrewDog get everywhere

Not wishing to trouble the cheery and efficient barmaid to scurry into the other bar, I stuck with Jarl.

Only one jam jar for two handpumps, oddly

You can’t go wrong with Jarl, can you ?

No, you can’t.  A third cool, chewy half easily in GBG standard (NBSS 3/3.5).  Someday I will actually post all these scores on WhatPub.

A pub for Gentlefolk rather than tickers, and one of the more relaxing 20 minutes of the month wandering the rooms.  No-one seemed to mind as I poked my nose where it shouldn’t go.

Side room

I do like historical photos of the local football club.  This one of the Saints from the late ’60s has a Bobby Charlton impersonator in what otherwise could pass for the 1970 Everton team.

Late ’60s mid-table glory

So three new GBG pubs and a “Must Visit” town complete by 3pm, I joined the chap with rainbow hair on the 15:39 to CAMRA-land.



  1. The Cherrybank is definitely one of my top four Scottish pubs.
    I sat in the lovely little “side room” after the “cheery and efficient barmaid” had served my top notch Timothy Taylors Landlord, maybe a very ordinary beer nowadays but one commensurate with “a pub for Gentlefolk rather than tickers”.
    My meal there was appropriately very traditional and good value.
    I didn’t notice anything quirky about the pub but that suits me although I realise it’s each to their own and others might not trouble themselves with the uphill walk out of town.
    Next time I hope to make use of the Cherrybank’s accommodation.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, traditional and homely rather than quirky, which I guess is quirky in itself.

      It was indeed your good self who had recommended the Cherrybank, Paul, as well as the GBG itself.

      I imagine you could get to quite a few fine pubs using Perth as a base.


      1. Now, there’s a thought, a few nights in the Cherrybank for exploring more of Scotland – probably more likely next year than this.


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