Enough of that Nu Yawk already shout readers Dave and Dick from the States. (They really do talk like that, though these days with a distinct Bewdley rather than Brooklyn twang).

Sorry, loads more.

Back in Brooklyn, 3/4 of our family were wiped out by 6pm, so I had to do the hard yards myself.


Nearly all the suburbs and neighbourhoods of New York sound familiar, though I can’t yet find any Prefab Sprout references in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Some of the best Victorian remnants in the city, says Wiki.

Fire escapes on the outside
Think he came from where Dave lifts

Gentrification of the area is indicated by the asparagus at the entrance to the supermarket.

Yes, Americans have vegetables too !

This was a great area to wander, the South-East London of the, er, west (?).

And I really liked the Fulton Ale House.


Not because of the 18 beers on tap (no Bass).


or the bargain murk,


or the Aretha Franklin soundtrack. Or even the brewery trays, that made it seem a bit like a micropub in Burnley.


It was the really diverse crowd, mixed in age and ethnicity, that made this different to the first night.

It was so good I stayed to watch the first half of Ecuador v Chile, along with exactly zero other customers.


Mrs RM got the craft can, again.








21 thoughts on “NO SLEEP ‘TILL BROOKLYN

    1. I would have taken photos of the billiards and skittles tables but I knew you’d be bored of those, Mark 😉

      Actually that’s one of the things that sets American bars apart from English pubs. They’re just too small for anything but wall mounted TVs.


  1. On the way home now.
    Cidered out.
    My eldest just messaged me to say you’ve lived long enough to watch England win three different world cups in three different sports,the only country to ever have done that,and I’ve watched two of them with you.Thanks for coming over Dad


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  2. The asparagus is merely a throwback to Dutch colonial days, when it would have been spelt correctly (Breukelen).The Dutch have a bit of an asparagus fetish – best not to go bar (toilet) crawling in Amsterdam in Springtime.


  3. “It was the really diverse crowd, mixed in age and ethnicity” –America at its best, I say. Though I expect lots of English cities can provide an equally diverse crowd, if not more so.

    After returning from Japan (and I do love Japan, to be clear), it was nice to look around and see the sort of “United Nations of random pedestrians” one can encounter in America, depending on where you are.

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  4. “It was the really diverse crowd, mixed in age and ethnicity, that made this different to the first night.” – but did you have time for the Stonewall pub in this fiftieth anniversary year ?


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