Bankers for the next Beer Guide, that is. Si, Duncan and I can spot them a mile off these days.

Loop complete

Bikes rather than mobility scooters outside the door,

And “Gin”

shiny tables resembling a board game,

Sold a table like that at the Sally Army sale this week

complex lavatory arrangements,

Not helpful when it’s your sixth pub of the day

hipster customers,

Mudgie on Untappd (possibly)

Oh. And those beers you’ve never heard of, of course.

Particularly helpful photo
Richard shocked by contents of plastic bag

But the beer. Wow. On a day to restore faith in cask, my murk was a cool, crisp NBSS 4. And I don’t hand out many of those unless it’s Doom Bar or Bass, do I?

No idea what it is. Richard will

Turns out the guvnor here had run one of my favourite pubs in the UK, so the Pedigree was there (actually I think he ran a Bass pub).

If this isn’t a pre-emptive tick I’ll be nice about L*******l FC.

15 thoughts on “CRAFTY BANKERS

  1. Those shiny tables resembling a board game are in the old Friary Meux colours.

    “Richard shocked by contents of plastic bag” but not as shocked as in a Northampton alley pub.

    Those white things below the drip trays look a bit like Autovacs but I don’t think they are.

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    1. I’m with Staffs Mudgie on this one. In addition to a love of good pubs and beer, we seem to share a habit of always rolling our sleeves up and a horror of short-sleeved shirts.

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      1. Thanks Bill.
        Rolling one’s sleeves up is generally understood to mean getting ready to do something difficult, intense or demanding – such as getting round a town’s proper pubs.

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      2. The horror is not undue. You have to wear SSS’s untucked, it appears round here anyway. Pressed to within an inch of its life, and then never sit down lest you crumple it…

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