Nearly finished Rugby now. Then I can turn my attention to (checks diary) BRAPA in Belper.

One of the downsides of these pub crawls, apart from the fixation on craft bars, is that you’re expected to stick with the group, and not nip off to pubs that aren’t on the official route or admire the local Art Gallery and faded Woolies signs.

Straight swap, then. And why’s that car on the pavement ?

I stopped for 10 seconds to admire the Cabbage Patch dolls in the canine charity shop and found myself abandoned on Rugby High Street.

£14 bloomin’ 95 !

Luckily I had the Official Itinerary on my phone, and caught them up at the Rugby Tap.

Pub No.7 and still not tipsy

I wouldn’t have had this on my schedule, but the Raglan Arms was temporarily closed and the Tap is in the GBG.  And that font on the sign is so compelling.

Something is different

Something had changed since I ticked off the Tap by buying a little plastic polypin of their beer a decade ago.  A polypin that still sits, forlorn, in our garage. £2 wasted.

Ah, they’ve added a micropub so you can drink indoors. Duncan would definitely have to do this again, I thought, as the structure of the GBG entry has fundamentally changed.  I do hope he has.

I was in mental torment; had I been colouring in Warwick in error for years ? Who cares.

Hoorah for barrels at the back !

My notes say “Bench seating” and “cosy”, which must be true, though I can’t remember anything except a good half of Church End, oddly not ruined by the handled jug.

Your standard micro crowd though, and where do you play darts ?

Nice range of glasses there

There you go.  Being nice to micro pubs.  I’ll never keep it up.


  1. I don’t think I’ve seen that font since it appeared on my Corgi Toys Beatles Yellow Submarine in 1968 or 1969. I think I still have it, somewhere.

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      1. Mainly because a Proper Day Out involves imbibing in a diverse range of venues.
        Then we’ve each got one or two to whinge about afterwards.

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  2. Sold my cider in the tap once or twice, a pub I’ve always found a bit ‘room-with-barrels’. It’s changed hands recently, I guess I’ll give it a go next time, though if you’ve got this far you might as well keep going to the Half Moon.

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      1. Currently retired pending retirement, have a ‘lot’ of cider and perry in the ciderhouse for personal consumption. Third place in the medium perry class at the Hereford International Cider Competition last week. One day, one day…


      2. ” a ‘lot’ of cider and perry in the ciderhouse for personal consumption” suggests that you need a bit of assistance but might be too embarrassed to ask.


  3. Tastes more like Pony, or so I’ve heard. Perry has some very strong side-effects, consider yourself very luck if its just your socks that have been blown-off…

    The ciderhouse is always open…


    1. Sorry, not familiar with ‘Pony’ (unless we being somewhat derogatory & are back on the rhyming slang again – pony & trap – ?)


  4. I thought, despite the barking dogs, that this one was considerably nicer than the Crafty Banker, which really was very Spartan. At least this one had upholstered chairs with arms.

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