Not that Ali

I’m sorry this post pops out long after the lovely Ali has brought her cover versions of Fairport Convention classics to the Half Moon.  You can still catch Dean Friedman, though.

Pub Number 8 was a lung-busting five minutes out of town, and only inserted in the itnerary at my insistence.  It was the Pub of the Day (award to be made on 12 May in the Common Room of Rugby School).


Just as I’ve only seen football holiganism once (A Wolves fan knocked an Ipswich fan’s bobble hat off after a late George Burley equalizer in 1977), I’ve only seen a pub fight once.

A decade ago the Half Moon had a year in the Guide, and at 5pm I caught a scrap kicking off, probably over CAMRA discount.


The lovely landlady was apologetic as I left my half of GK IPA (shame, it was NBSS 3.5) and a local shouted “Don’t worry, it’s only his brother” as the sirens wailed outside.

Looking now, I’ve just seen there was anothe big scrap here  only three months ago. Shame, because broken hips tend to put off CAMRA surveyors.

But not the Beer & Pubs Forum Group.

The approach to the bar was narrow, so we nominated someone to inspect the pumps. Despite the tell-tale £2 sticker on the Tim Taylor, someone went for it.  There’s always one.

A scrum at the bar.  Rugby ? Scrum ? Geddit !?
End of barrel Tim Taylors taken off. A good sign

Friendly locals, a great mix of drinking areas, and some unexpectedly lovely touches.

Shopping bags

Great seating, a divisive soundtrack (If Not You” and “Sylvia’s Mother” by Dr Hook, “Make  It With You” by Bread, anyone ?”).

Clearly a lager pub (aren’t they all), but I rated the Black Sheep as high as 3.5/4, cool, dry and biting. It may have improved even further in the fresh air of the lovely courtyard, oddly devoid of puffers.

Classic outdoor drinking
Brewerania alert

The advert for Plum Porter in the immaculate Gents is a bit quirky.

Only Plum Porter can do all these things

And when I say immaculate, I mean better than Brunning & Price loos. AND without the bile beans adverts.

An unexpected winner.


  1. I’ve heard that broken hips are ever worse than the wonky knees all us Pub Men have.
    Your Black Sheep drank well but did it have a scrummy head ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes she was. Walked over a replacement half as the Tim Taylor had gone, too.

      The quality of service in virtually every pub recently has been exceptional. As always I’ll be fascinated to hear how you get on


  2. Today’s ” how to confuse the hell out of Russ ” post.
    What happened to Dick’s titfer by this stage ? It hasn’t been seen for a couple of posts.

    And in other news,peak twat craft.

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  3. Had to sell it to pay for his craft keg in the Banker, I think (hence his expression in the photo I took behind the bar).

    Hitting and throwing things at people is always wrong.


  4. Yes, I noticed the immaculate loos too. And the soundtrack of some of my less favoured songs from the 1970s.

    That tweet from Chorlton Brewing has been causing a few ructions on Twitter this morning.

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    1. As I presume it was intended to.
      A sort of EVO-STICK Northern Premier League attempt at being Brewdog.
      I wonder how they’d appreciate a brick through their windows every week …

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Calm down dears. I don’t think it was any more serious than the “please don’t ask for credit, as a smack in the mouth sometimes offends” signs that we used to see over bars.

        Besides, the police would be laughed out of Travis Perkins, if not McDonalds.


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