Another short post about a pub I might have skipped over, having seemingly deleted any notes and my memory deleted any recollection of the Steam Packet in Littlehampton. Perhaps you could have a go at compiling your own alternative post from these photos.

I always like to bring you photos of floral displays in West Sussex coastal towns that you can convert into 2020 calendars.

Steam Packet


And you can’t beat a pub with a masthead for a sign.  You used to (in the 1860s) catch the ferry to Honfleur from here; perhaps some of you who are 175 years old enjoyed the service to France for tripe in the little bistro near the market ?

Not nicked from an outside ship, probably

The Steam Packet was unexpectedly closed when I’d turned up on the Tuesday, despite looking the sort of riverside diner that should be packed with gentlefolk.

But perhaps the Littlehampton Spoons has killed all that, and the lunchtime trade was two Old Boys meeting up for a catch-up over a pint. Perhaps they were reminiscing about that tripe in Honfleur.

Note giant fire extinguisher

The word for this charming little pub was homely, with the best welcome I’ve had all month, even though I was only in for a half of Pompey Royal.


I’ll forgive the jam jars. It was terrific beer (NBSS 3.5+).

The German-sounding landlady asked what I thought of the beer and said thanks when I took the glass back.  

Why can’t all pubs be like this ?



  1. A proper pub that’s evolved and developed its character for over a hundred years. You just can’t replicate that with a former shop, or cinema and such like.

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    1. Yes indeed, and I for certain won’t be about a hundred years from now to witness what ‘character’ a former shop, or cinema and such like might have developed.


  2. “You used to (in the 1860s) catch the ferry to Honfleur from here;”

    How times change. Now apparently the quickest route is thru Calais (not Poole).

    “Not nicked from an outside ship, probably”

    I like how it’s demurely covered up in the right places.

    “Perhaps they were reminiscing about that tripe in Honfleur.”

    Pfft. They don’t look a day over 150.


    They nicked that flower from that bunch in the photo above.

    “Why can’t all pubs be like this ?”

    Variety is the spice of life?
    (or, if they were, you’d only have to write one post and then copy and paste repeatedly) 🙂


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  3. “Pompey Royal” – yet another beer name from the 1970s brought back.
    I remember the Brickwoods Best being renamed that by Whitbread.

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  4. Before I even got to your comments on the beer the Pompey Royal just looked like it was a good one.
    Great colour and head.
    It reminded me of yesterday when I was all set for a day off the turps but just happened to drive past my local in the morning and saw a small Murphys van outside.
    That can only mean one thing – the lines are being cleaned ( all the breweries clean the beer lines themselves these days rather than leave it to the publicans.)
    Now,my local keeps a great pint but for a few days after the lines are cleaned it becomes exceptional.
    And my half gallon last night was wonderful.
    Cool dark stout drunk through thick creamy white heads.
    I shouldn’t really but tonight’s quota beckons.
    Beer this good only happens every 5-6 weeks.
    Tallyho !


      1. When these “alternative” Irish stouts were more widely available in the UK, I also much preferred Beamish to Murphy’s. I also recall reading somewhere that there was a bit of a sectarian divide between these two Cork-based breweries.

        One was the Cat’olic brewery, whilst the other was the Proddy one – can’t remember which was which though; not that it really matters.

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  5. Obviously many socio-economic factors have an impact on pub going, and drinking habits in general. Your comments here should remind us that many ‘day time drinkers’ have a finite budget which Wetherspoons cater towards, as well as providing user friendly, set and regular opening times.

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    1. I’m not sure if ‘day time drinkers’ have much more of a finite budget than ‘evening drinkers’.
      Mightn’t ‘day time drinkers’ use Wetherspoons venues because they’re open at the time of the day they prefer to drink rather than because they might be “user friendly” or cheaper ?


      1. But the point I was trying to make is that ‘day time drinkers’ use Wetherspoons venues as much because they’re open rather than because they’re cheaper.
        You might describe me as a ‘day time drinker’ and being unable to work for the last two years and not drawing a state pension for another two years, and with neither my wife nor daughter working, I most certainly have ‘a finite budget’. However, as I average just over two pints a day, any savings with using Tim’s venues would only amount to several pounds a week and it’s worth spending that bit extra for a better quality of life with using proper pubs when I can.

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  6. All pubs, which depend on drivers for a significant part of their trade, should offer something like the Northern Monk 2.8% IPA.

    In fact they should anyway, whether they do or not.

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