Odd one this.  I’d arranged to meet John, the Wonder of Wittering, in Littlehampton for a seaside crawl.  But our pub was unexpectedly shut (and wasn’t a micro).

Even worse, I hadn’t had time to park up in my usual secret spot in Pompey and make the train across, so I was going to be DES for John.


We decided to visit the two closest new GBG pubs, even though one was a micro and the other was called the Fox, normally a bad sign.

West Worthing was actually built in the 1930s purely for the enjoyment of people who like waiting at railway junctions, and it took 20 minutes to do the 1 mile off the A2032 to the Georgi Fin.

We admired the architecture in what might be a Goring-on-Sea entry next year, following the pattern of changing the labelling of pubs to irritate tickers.


Of course, a better solution would be to have a separate Beer Guide for micropubs.  Or even just one for Worthing micropubs; it would be no thicker than the brewery section.

Easily readable pub sign alert
Oooh – clear opening hours sign

Yes, I warmed to Georgi Fin (a Romanian left back for Worthing FC during their 1990s FA Trophy run).

Clear opening signs, beers all priced the same irrespective of strength, high tables, beer barrels for foot stalls….


One of the modern micros that get younger trade, the staff were great and found me this  trendy Pear & Raspberry saison from cult Suffolk brewer James White.

Low alcohol beer gets no better

John kindly offered to show me his gammy leg (much improved) later, and clearly didn’t warm to the seating.

His “Loud Shirt” Stout seemed OK from the dregs I had.

John contemplates life and legs

But we both agreed the toilets were alone worth(ing) the trip.

Welcome to our toilet
Bunce & Co.
Proper beer

I’m sure John and I were too busy discussing bargain guest houses in Darlo, so the only banter I caught was “She shouldn’t have put her moisturiser on“. It wasn’t me.

Pub 2 is for the gentlefolk who can’t be bothered to go to the Garden Centre today.

Proper sign

Just above the A27 in tiny Patching, The Fox has the biggest beer garden in the South and the highest average customer age since I last accidentally went in a Brunning & Price.

Scottis carpet

An exciting beer range has propelled The Fox to GBG glory.

Actually, a decent one.  The Long Man is getting around, isn’t it ?

Tight range

Not the cosiest pub seating, again. But at least our feet touched the floor and we were able to enjoy the drama of a “family lunch”.

Once again, admire my murky sour in the foreground..

Bill splitting drama ahead

In these days of experimentation with beer styles and “anything goes”, you’ll be delighted to know I poured the dregs of John’s Long Man over the dregs of my J20 on ice.

It was quite palatable.


Come up with a name for that concoction and we’ll market it at hipsters.

17 thoughts on “THE DREGS OF WORTHING

  1. There was a very similar “The Staffordian” cistern in Stafford’s Kings Arms until a few years ago. Someone probably ‘kindly’ offered to replace it with a more modern one.
    The Stafford Arms is one of two Stafford pubs that sells Draught Bass except that last Saturday lunchtime it wasn’t on as they’d only got five Lymestone and six Oakham beers on instead.


      1. Might I remind you, that, owing to its exceptional metabolic rate, a bumble bee is never more that forty MINUTES from starvation?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Here’s another thing.
        In 1975, while riding a moped in Bermuda, a man was accidentally struck and killed by a taxi. One year later, this man’s bother was killed in the very same way. In fact, he was riding the very same moped. And to stretch the odds even further, he was struck by the very same taxi driven by the same driver – carrying the same passenger.
        Spooky or what ?


      1. Probably six.
        I had two pints from Lymestone before Stafford’s best Bombardier in the one-beer’s-plenty Joiners Arms.

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  2. I’ll take The Georgi Fin any day of the week (except for Mondays) Over The Fox, I’m still young enough to handle uncomfortable seating.


    1. Citra,
      I remember when I was young enough to handle uncomfortable seating – and years before that when I didn’t mind standing.


  3. “the other was called the Fox, normally a bad sign.” –This got me wondering, are there other pub names that seem a bad sign to you, either due to bad experiences at other pubs with the same name, or simply due to a certain type of name rubbing you the wrong way?


    1. Mark,
      “other pub names that seem a bad sign to you” – the Rifle Drum, the Moon Under Water and similar.


      1. “Conservative Club” doesn’t always augur well either Paul, but Chinley’s can be OK. You don’t need to be a member.


      2. That’s probably because the Conservatives haven’t got many members, and those they have are too old to go out to a club.


  4. Conversely, pubs called The Cross Keys are generally OK IME. Maybe because they’re usually near to churches, and perhaps less likely to suffer redevelopment?

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