Day 3 by the sea, and a rare trip to Selsey, home to people who can afford to leave Bognor. But why would you want to ?


Mrs RM was taken by her parents to Selsey as a child.

Goodness knows what she did there. Probably the Times crossword.

Trees growing from buildings alert

Selsey is the Frinton-on-Sea of the South. That’s a lazy comparator, but it’s not well pubbed and every shop on the High Street looks a future Micropub, once their days as pet shops and hardware stores are over.

If those don’t entertain you, stroll down to the beach.

Blossoms and blue skies
Packed beach
Typical thatched micropub

Having passed a dozen potential future micros, the Crab Pot is so actual micro I walked past it twice.

Typical micro

What can I say without resorting to micro clichés.

High tables, three beers from the barrel, a guitar on the wall. You could be in Whitstable, except you won’t bump into Bob Geldof here.

“Recommend a beer”

“What do you normally drink”

etc etc

To be fair, the Dorking pale was cool, crisp and superb (NBSS 3.5). Everything the beer on Wight wasn’t.

Then in came Graham (top).

A nod, a “usual please” and a bottle delivered to the table.

“Bavarian no alcohol” says Graham, who’s just here for the chat and to get his back in my photo.

Nice beer…

If I ever finish the GBG I might take up non-alcoholic beers.


  1. Blimey,those stools look uncomfortable (there is a joke in here somewhere,but perhaps best left alone ) Another Micro we wouldn’t go into

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    1. See my comment below. Knocking back a pint of near beer when you’re hot and sweaty after cutting the grass or whatnot is preferable to an IPA, which is what comes after when you’re initial thirst is quenched. 🙂

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  2. “Trees growing from buildings alert”

    I was going to ask; is that deliberate or a version of ‘unkempt and weedy’?

    “Typical thatched micropub”

    Thus obviously closed.

    “Typical micro”

    I don’t know why they bother with windows if they’re going to paper them over with flyers and whatnot.

    ” three beers from the barrel”

    Hopefully not the same barrel.

    “If I ever finish the GBG I might take up non-alcoholic beers.”

    Ugh. The only time I like one of those if after cutting the grass on a hot day. Knocking back a can of near beer beats trying to do the same with an IPA. 😉



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