If these posts seem a bit rushed it’s because they’re being compiled in between selling ladies undergarments at the local Salvation Army sale.

The ticks are limited but the blog potential is high.

Onto Rudgwick, my last Guide pub for the year in brutally inconsistent West Sussex, which really ought to merge with its eastern cousin if you ask me.


The Sussex village church
Your Thought for the Day

This is bucolic Britain at its best. Half an hour from Gatwick but devoid of the pesky tourists that Crawley no doubt gets.

How inviting is that?
Proper pub sign

Always great to end a county in a proper village pub, rather than a micro/Brunning & Price/pub with tasters.

Proper carpets
Dining area unused

Two gentle folk dining in the bar area,

and half a dozen more drinking at the bar.

All the chaps seemed to be retired Executives who wouldn’t be seen dead in a Spoons.

The sort of Old Boys who still demand a pint they’ve heard of.

Youngs Ordinary is the first beer on the board, so it’s an easy choice.

It’s a good choice. Cool, crisp, tasty with a touch of sharpness (NBSS 3.5).

The atmosphere is efficient and unfussy, and there’s no need for a swearing ban.

Reassuringly, I note the local rugby team have fixtures against Weybridge Vandals and Economicals, as well as various Old Boys.

If they started playing a real sport I’d be happy to support Economicals for a season.

Anyhow. Admire the pinking.

14 thoughts on “A RUDGWICK PICK

    1. Not many people know that novelist Graham Greene, whose family put the Greene into Greene King, named the antihero of his ‘Brighton Rock’ novel Pinkie as he always marked off the Brighton pubs he got round.

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  1. Today’s ” Russ will not have a Scooby Do what I am talking about ” post.
    In view of the ongoing debate gripping British politics can I just say I have six ovens although not all in the same kitchen.
    And in other matters when did Youngs beer badges get so crap ?

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    1. Whilst James “Four Ovens” Brokenshire does raise a smile, it’s not quite such an piece of English waggery as John “Two Jags” – later “Two Shags” – Prescott, in my book.

      It all started with Arthur “Two Sheds” Watkins, as I recall. Or was it with that little French artist?

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      1. If it’s the Monty Python sketch you’re referring to Etu, I think you’ll find it was Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson.

        Old “Prezza” could throw a mean punch when he wanted – especially when eggs were involved. Hecklers seem to prefer McDonald’s milk-shakes, these days!


      2. Yes, Paul. It’s a pity that old Prezza isn’t there in his younger self, to greet those silly pests outside Parliament, isn’t it? 😉


  2. Sad to see an empty village pub -difficult to see how they manage to continue sometimes.We visited one last week -Amazon & Tiger at Harvel,near Meopham -definitely need a car to get there.Well worth a visit if you’ve not been -a fine pint of Tonbridge beer(sorry can’tbe more specific but apparently it was in tip top condition )good food & the garden is literally on the boundary of local cricket club.We were entertained by a Spitfire flying overhead & the birds were singing.Beautiful.Sadly apart from the obligatory 2 old boys we were the only customers on Friday lunchtime.Shame

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    1. The Amazon & Tiger is a good comparison, Pauline.

      Six customers on a lunchtime is the reason more and more village pubs open at 4pm or later. I really fancy a pub in my own local right now but it opens at 5 😕

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      1. We are so lucky that our Locals are the Beefeater & Marstons family pub -always open for mediocre offerings (I lie -we never cross the threshold )

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  3. Good one to finish the county and congratulations on becoming King of Sussex for another year. Busy when I was there and so well heeled in the area that am sure it must do well. Still a beer worth drinking though some Young’s enthusiasts would disagree.


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