Yes, dogs again.

The ones whose owners take them to the pub on long leads that wrap themselves around bar stools. Owners oblivious to folk like me tripping over and getting licked on the way to the bar. You never get that with cats, do you ?

Anyway.  North Nibley for the first time ever, and a gorgeous looking pub in an area packed with them.

One of the great OS extracts
Summer is here

Thrillingly, the Black Horse is doable from my motel on the M5.

On the way I can see that the highlight will be something other than a pub.

Tyndale Monument, North Nibley

Quite a bit of late afternoon custom in a well-run pub.

Normally, three tradesmen at the bar would be a great sign, bar blockers or not.

Jeans bought pre-stained from Stroud market

But I feel a bit forced into the garden. Partly by the canine takeover,

Looks ok

and partly by an urgent need for a plant pot (a syrupy Butcombe, NBSS 2).  Far too many beers on midweek, of course.

Plenty of disposal options.

But come here anyway, have a Guinness and lunch, then walk up to the monument.

Watch out for children on scooters coming down

Tyndale was one of our greatest Britons, and the monument gives some of our greatest views. Be prepared for a clamber to rival the Boston Stump though.

You’ll feel your calves in the morning

I think I timed my ascent well.

From here you can see craft bars in Cheltenham
View to the Severn

So there you go.  South Gloucestershire delivers the goods, if not the cask.





  1. I see some pubs described as “dog friendly” or even “very dog friendly”.

    That’ll be “very humans-who-don’t-want-dogs unfriendly”, then.

    It has knock-ons too. If you don’t stop people allowing often smelly animals to roam about dismaying the customers, then how can you possibly expect parents to deny their small humans at least the same freedom?

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  2. “Normally, three tradesmen at the bar would be a great sign” –That does sound like a good sign, and I love the idea that seeing a certain sort of customer in a place tells you something about the beer they’re serving. Makes you seem like a Sherlock Holmes of pubs, deducing all manner of things as soon as you set foot in the place. 😉

    Since we hardly ever see dogs in American bars the whole idea seems quite charming to me, but no doubt the reality is rather more complicated!

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  3. Heading down that way this coming weekend, but the other side of the River Severn. Any pubs you’d care to recommend in the Forest of Dean, with or without dogs?


    1. The Saracen’s Head at Symond’s Yat East is a very pleasant spot, Paul. Besides its ales, it has a fine restaurant and does excellent rooms too. It’s on the River Wye, with various activities immediately to hand. (Don’t engage the ex-squaddie tradesman, who uses a lock-up by the car park, on the EU, though. Really, don’t.)

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    2. The Miners Arms at Whitecroft is a nice forest pub, decent range of beers and I liked the ploughmans ‘slate’!
      The Royal Oak in the village is more rough and ready. I like it because it has a Quoits Board set up for play and a nice view from the garden, but beer has been less than impressive.

      The Fountain Inn at Parkend is also a tidy, though somewhat foodie pub. Both easily accessible from the Dean Forest Railway if it’s running at this time of year.

      The Rising Sun at Bream is a good solid locals pub, nothing fancy but you’ll be made welcome.

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    3. I spent four days in two trips to the Forest of Dean last year, my first real venture there, and these were the highlights. To be honest I prefer the pubs on the Welsh side of the River Wye, particularly the Boat;

      If you survive Cinderford, please let us know.

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  4. Thanks for the recommendations, everyone. We’ll certainly give some of them a try.

    I wondered why I missed your write-ups of the area Martin, but when I looked at the dates, I realised they coincided with my American jaunt, last August.

    I’ve enjoyed playing catch-up, so thanks for those links.

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