Another post without NBSS ratings, but this time with some pubs for you North Americans to lust over.  Who knows, I may even be able to persuade Dick & Dave to visit (come on market day) and visit a real boozer.

Like the Britannia, Boston‘s gem (top and below). Actually, the Batemans sign had gone and it was looking a bit sad.


I’m not saying Boston is the only other worthwhile stop between Skegness and Dereham; you can make the case for Holbeach if you like.


The cobbled streets around St Botolph’s Church are surprisingly attractive, but attract hardly any tourists except feathered ones.

Inevitable pigeon on head of statue

Two old boys were waiting impatiently for opening time at Goodbarns Yard, a surprise re-entry into the Guide, and Boston’s only central GBG entry.  In fact, Boston boasts no Batemans pubs in the Beer Guide now, which tells you a lot.

Pub life

Some of the best views in Lincolnshire are from the top of the Stump, and I’d decided that (possibly) the steepest climb in England was just what we needed after Lincolnshire sausage and Bury black pudding  at breakfast.

The climb nearly killed Charles, and he’s fit for a Scotsman.  To be fair, it nearly killed me a few years ago when I misjudged it completely.

Worth it for the view.

Mr Pigeon
Spot the windmill

Back at ground level, I recovered with three flat whites in the average Spoons, while Charles perused the closing down bargains in Legends.

Sultry School Mistress outfit half-price

Having paid for 2 hours in the car park, we felt obliged to track down a few other gems, like the Masonic Hall,


and the windows at the New Inn,

New Inn
Not as old as it looks

and the department store.

Art Deco

But all this history is as nothing compared to the tiny Man Flower, the curiously named Chinese restaurant on Wide Bargate.

Man Flower

Do prices like this cheap exist anywhere else in England ?


21 thoughts on “BOSTON : UP THE STUMP

  1. Boston shows up in very few American guidebooks. I’ve often had it as a stop on the way north, but it has never made the final route. I’ve always thought it had some appeal; the lack of city center pubs has always limited the draw though. The location is also just too far east for the north\south route. Kind of sad because the town looks pretty and can likely use some tourist dollars.

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  2. I think your Pigeon is a Dove? And I think the top of Boston Stump may be the only panoramic view of Lincolnshire, certainly the southern half of the county.

    Sadly your Chinese takeaway prices confirms my findings over the summer/late autumn (and many other visits); once you go east of the A1 towards the Wash and into East Anglia, apart from the honeypot tourist attractions/locations, the local economies are very fragile.


  3. I think Boston is a nice town,
    I took the wife there in 1988 for a day out we did 18 pubs there,the New Inn pictured was an Home Ales tied house when we did it.
    I went back in 2006 after going to Wainfleet on train and did a load more pubs there,though i noticed that the Polish had moved into the town in large numbers.
    This did not go down too well with the locals and there was a large mainly unreported riot in the town a few years back between locals and the Polish.


  4. “Spot the windmill”

    It almost looks like a bloody ferris wheel.

    “Sultry School Mistress outfit half-price”

    I must say, I am tempted. 🙂


    I didn’t know Masons were into hieroglyphics.

    “Man Flower”

    I have to admit I like the fact they indicate the difference between Chop Suey and Chow Mein. I’m always forgetting which one has the bean sprouts.



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