Yes, get yourself down/up to Patrington and enjoy Licks tonight.  As it were.


Less than an hour on the bus from sophisticated Hull, but feeling a bit like the end of the world.  If you’ve been to Littleport or Chatteris you’ll know that feeling.

I called the amiable Amy up before I travelled to check the opening times.

We’re open all day

But are you licensed all day“.  Beware the cafe-cum-shop that only sells cappuccinos till noon.

Ooh, we’re licensed from 8am to 11.30pm“.  Even BRAPA couldn’t muck that up.

Open door, too

Having established it wasn’t going to close in the next ten minutes, I took in the town highlights. Oh, it’s a village.  Big church for a village of 2,059.

St Patrick’s – The Queen of Holderness
Almost Fenland in quality (joke)

Half the size of Waterbeach, but with more pubs, more hairdressers, more bakers, a ride-on lawnmower store,

Can be used as mobility scooters

a proper toy shop with plastic guns,

Ideal Christmas presents

and, of course, a café called “Cakey Bakey Yum Yum“.

Could be in Bethnal Green

And you’re only 30 minutes from Spurn Head.

Would I move here ?

No.  Take a look at this sign and be very scared.

Faceless children, glowing dog

They were normal and pleasant in Amy’s, particularly when I didn’t try to pay with card.

More a small pub than a micro, with live music, TV, cakes and people having fun. Call the (Herne) cops.


Yes, you need to be on a high table to be in the action, but you can also hide on proper tables and read the Spurn Sport or whatver.

No high tables round the wall

A range of beers to delight the Beer & Pubs Forum member rather than the ticker.

Three you’ve heard of

I reckon the Adnams Mosaic was the best I’ve had (NBSS 3.5), even though the thorough pull-through suggested I may have been the first taker that day.  Local radio played “Burning Love“, it was incredibly relaxed but I never felt I was intruding on a private drinking club as I have done in some parts of Kent.

And the village banter was first-rate, even if it DID revolve entirely around the dogs who were being fed crispy duck.

“Sheila you spoil him !

Least he didn’t lick my shoes on the way out.


10 thoughts on “PATRINGTON LICKED

  1. Haven’t been there yet though done at least 2 in Patrington previously. Love Spurn Head but not relishing another trip out in that direction. Also need the micro in Thorgumbald, which is probably your next post.


    1. My giant and 100% reliable spreadsheet says Hidyard, Holderness and Station in GBG the last ten years, so Amy’s is the fourth of four, a mighty impressive haul. Decent beer in all, though Hidyard closed and for sale awaiting conversion to a BrewDog, no doubt.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I initially misread that as Partington. Not sure if the GBG has ever made it that far out of Manchester, unlike most of its residents dispatched there in post-war inner-city slum clearances.

    Liked by 1 person

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